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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by annie1969, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. I am the mum of a soldier who has failed a CDT. I understand how you all feel about this as i can't stand drugs myself. My son is learning a very hard lesson and quite rightly so. My question for you is, how long does it take from first learning you have failed the test to getting discharged. Any help greatly appreciated as this has been going on for what seems like ages now and i can't find the information on google. Thanks to anyone who responds.
  2. There are many variables. We need to wait for a grown up with the correct answers. Then we must await the others who will have their say.
  3. Any idea who or what that grown up is?
  4. Being far from grown up, but having seen it far too often,

    The last Knobhead from my place was booted out in just under 2 weeks from notification that he'd failed to the walk of shame through the gates. I think it rests with the CO as to when the said Knobhead is wheeled in front of him and what's in his diary.

    (Knobhead being a polite term of phrase..)

    My congratulations on your son having been a soldier and my commiserations on his less than favourable cessation of service. Hopefully both elements will have taught him something..
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  5. Has he been told theyare going for discharge?

    Is he coming home to your house?

    You should ask him what he wants to do now and gather some info 9ie college prospectuses). Perhaps ask for support from a drugs charity. Just what to look for etc.

    I'd imagine some sort of menial job may be in order too, build up the Reference collection.

    If his name is still on his bedroom door replace it with 'druggy w4nker'.
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  6. Maybe he should have learned earlier by reading the posters and listening in to MATTS Lessons instead of being of his tits on opiates or whatever. druggie waster.
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  8. Sorry for your son's actions, we all make mistakes and i have made a few whilst serving! I am a parent and understand your worry. I am still serving and deal with CDT'd within my Regiment and you are not the only parent in this situation as alot write to us and ring begging for them to stay in. Unfortunately we can not bend the rules for one. Depending what he got caught for is depending what he gets charged for.
    If it was minor, cannabis i am sure he can just go to colly (army Prison) do his time and continue serving but this depends on his previous records etc, good/bad boy. If it was Class A, Coke etc he will be kicked out for sure. It all depends on his CO, etc. If there are bigger priorities he will be put to the back of the que as he has let the Battery down, i know this sounds wrong but that is the way it is.
    If he is young and understands his wrong doing, he will get another job. STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUGS!!
    Hope you find out soon.

  9. If you want assistance Annie you will have to post some pics of yourself first Im afraid!

    Its in the rules!
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  10. i was just wondering when who was going to brave enough to ask!!
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  11. I'm sure if he applies himself and studies diligently he will pass on his next attempt. Have you thought of engaging a tutor?
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  12. It can be about a week. I know a couple of lads from my old unit that would come off tour and go home and take drugs on POTL, because they knew we were due a CDT on return and saw it as an easy way out, rather than having to wait a year from signing off or if they hadn't done the minimum time to sign off. Sad really, has your lad recently returned from an op tour?
  13. Sounds like he'll be back under your feet and robbing from your purse soon enough.
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  14. Here ya go.

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