Failed BARB Test Help?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mesosolly, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. I failed my barb test today and i feel really down about it.

    i feel really dumb see the thing i have problems concentrating
  2. You failed it? Well done, no-one has ever managed to be stupid enough to actually fail the BARB before. Are they submitting your details to the government for research purposes to see how someone so stupid is able to manage to walk and talk without assistance?
  3. If this was the NAAFI I would tell you to kill yourself, but it isnt so I wont.Poor waaaaaaaaaah. 0/10
  4. If you read it you would see that i have problems consecrating bacauce of missing alot of school and im asking for help
  5. I wouldn't worry about it, you sound like a typical 15 year old to me. Prepare for a life of flipping burgers - if you can get out the house.
  6. If we needed people with your level of intellect we'd grow them not recruit them.
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  7. Friday - check!
    Afternoon - check!
    Time for a shite wind-up - check!
    Tell the socket puppet to kill oneself - NOT SEEN!

    Kill yourself!

    Tell the socket puppet to kill oneself - check!
  8. Just apply again for a different cap badge or service, keep trying.

    Or join the Foreign Legion.
  9. Do you have to know french?
  10. Yes you are dumb and you should feel dumb. Making excuses makes it twice as bad the Duke of Wanks may take you? No you need to be able to speak Arabic1
  11. You must be desperate if you are considering France, they are to be treated with the utmost suspicion.

    I think you need to know a bit but think they would teach you the rest. Have a look at the website.
  12. I can remember getting enough on my Barb that I had the choice of any trade I liked.

    Hope this helps you feel better.
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  13. Me too. Obviously we're just both very bright.
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  14. So you're so daft you failed the BARB eh. Have you thought about a future in MoD procurement?
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  15. what is it that you are trying to consecrate and have you asked the bishop for help???