Failed BARB Test Help?

You failed it? Well done, no-one has ever managed to be stupid enough to actually fail the BARB before. Are they submitting your details to the government for research purposes to see how someone so stupid is able to manage to walk and talk without assistance?
I failed my barb test today and i feel really down about it.i feel really dumb see the thing i have problems concentrating im 15 and i dont go to school (Not because i dont want to) about a year ago when i stopped going to school i started to just sit at home all day waiting for my school to sort out something and i became agoraphobic i had not left the house for 6 months but i can go out now but i still have anxiety problems i cant talk to people or look at them in the eye i just cant concentrate or interact with people now matter how hard it try this just suddenly happened i just want to stop being so dopey but i cant help it what should i do
If this was the NAAFI I would tell you to kill yourself, but it isnt so I wont.Poor waaaaaaaaaah. 0/10
I wouldn't worry about it, you sound like a typical 15 year old to me. Prepare for a life of flipping burgers - if you can get out the house.


Friday - check!
Afternoon - check!
Time for a shite wind-up - check!
Tell the socket puppet to kill oneself - NOT SEEN!

Kill yourself!

Tell the socket puppet to kill oneself - check!
Yes you are dumb and you should feel dumb. Making excuses makes it twice as bad the Duke of Wanks may take you? No you need to be able to speak Arabic1


Not familiar with the barb test. Is it the same as failing an IQ test?
If so the op will struggle getting a burger flipper job. Maybe trolley mong?

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