Failed Asylum seekers Paid Off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Dec 16, 2007.

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    A Few comments from the full artical below

    Row over payments to failed asylum seekers

    By Ben Leapman, Home Affairs Correspondent
    Last Updated: 11:32pm GMT 15/12/2007

    Thousands of failed asylum seekers have been flown out of Britain and set up in business back home in a £36 million taxpayer-funded scheme, it can be revealed.

    The unwanted foreigners, who had no legal right to remain, were given free flights, handed £1,000 in cash at the airport, then paid a further £3,000 to start enterprises in their homelands.

    More than 23,000 migrants have taken advantage of the scheme. Their UK-funded businesses range from market stalls to hotels and clothes factories, in countries as far-flung as South Africa, China and Colombia.

    Ministers say that paying failed asylum seekers to leave is cheaper than forcibly deporting them, saving money for taxpayers. However, the Tories last night condemned the payouts as "bribes".

    .A British soldier who suffers non-career threatening, but still traumatising injuries, such as shrapnel or bullet wounds might receive no more than £4,000 and this could take four years to come through.

    Organisers say the business start-up grants create jobs and prosperity in troubled regions of the world. Most of those returning have resettled successfully, although 300 have been caught trying to re-enter Britain.
    For returnees, it is an orderly and dignified way of going back."

    Do wonder how many Returnees havent been caught and will they qualify for the second Pay off if they are.
  2. Feck me, come and arrest me Im a failed Asylum Seeker, 4 months wages for doing nothing
  3. How about just shoving them on a plane and fcuking them off?

    The individuals with cash may not come back (except those 300 odd), but I can assure you every man and his dog that they tell "got to Great Britian, they hand cash booby prizes" will be soon strapping themselves to the undercarrage of an aircraft.

    What is wrong with having a robust border policy and a strict "return to sender" policy?
  4. and my old man, who's native Brit and worked all his life until last year, and wants a knee operation, can get f*ck all. Dear, dear, dear.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    [quote="jonwilly although 300 have been caught trying to re-enter Britain.[/quote]

    What about the ones who have not yet been caught?
  6. That's basically what happens in other countries. The police take you to the airport and put you on the first plane back home. The airline doesn't even get paid. They have to take you, free of charge, if they have an empty seat.

    In the UK, the average cost of a forced deportation is £11,000. Part of the deal deportees get is that we pay for any excess luggage charges at the airport. This can run to many thousands of pounds for people who are flying all their flat screen tellys, pets and grand pianos to the other side of the world.
  7. Very few came in by plane , most by sea so only give them a one way ticket on a ferry and kick them off in Calais , we owe these parasites **** all
  8. The boxheads have been pretty robust in the past. If an 'asylum seaker' landed at Frankfurt, they would be placed in a holding facility at the airport then fecked off back to the country whence they came in pretty short time. If it was proven that they were actually seeking asylum due to fear of death then the option of being locked up for a couple of days was surely better than the alternative. Total cost; about 2 Euros. Good deterant too. The 'asylum seekers' would spread the word that Frankfurt and Germany wasn't a soft touch so they'd then go for the easy option; become millionaires in the UK.

    Asylum seeker and economic migrant are two phrases that the UK govnt has a difficulty understanding. If the person is an asylum seeker, surely sending him back to his own counrty would mean he will be killed or jailed? Which leads me to believe that paying the feckers off and sending them back means they are sponging economic migrants and not asylum seekers.

    Quite agree. Robust border controls would be the way ahead were it not for the EU 'agreement' where by we have no control whatsoever.

    A non EU loser who lands in deepest darkest Bulgaria will make an unhindered beline for the UK just as a kid who goes in to Woolworths will head straight for the 'pick n mix' counter.

    Hopefully we can get around the EU dictatorship line of open borders by using 'anti terrorism' to at least defend ourselves.

    Failing that, I'm off on a shooting spree at Dover.
  9. its probably a more effective way of targeting development aid than the usual
    method :evil:
  10. Not that it makes a difference but whos budget does it come off? FCO or Home Office?
  11. How about the government announcong that the UK will no longer recognise whatever UN charter asylum seekers have to be accomodated here and boot out all that land from now on straight away,without any reference to legal-aid lawyers or the courts.

    F*ck the human rights act.

    The same should apply to any illegal immigrant caught from now,deport them ASAP.
  12. Bottom line is Flash it comes out of our pockets.
  13. Have seen the Spanish system in operation on a number of occassions in The Canaries.Boatload of asylum seekers from Africa starts to sink off Teneriefe, Spanish Coastguard tows boat into harbour, occupants taken off to hospital for medical checks, boat patched up, sufficient food and water for return trip to Africa supplied, occupants put back on board after medical checks, boat towed out beyond Spanish territorial waters and sent on its way. Humane, fair and cheap and above all fair to the Spanish people who don't end up over-run by immigrants.
  14. We don't have the option to do this. Europe now tells us what to do wrt human rights. Even if we abolished the Human Rights Act, immigrants could simply go to the European Court armed with a brace of Legal Aid lawyers.
  15. The trouble is Britain obeys all the European court rulings,while on the other hand France(and most other EU countries) obey what they want to and to hell with the rest.

    The root cause of this problem is that we have been sold down the river by corrupt politicians to an unelected orginisation.

    Britain won the second World War,then gave in to faceless bureaucrats without a shot being fired.