Failed Army Medical

I wonder if anyone can help me. I applied to join the Territorial Army back in July August last year. Im a qualified and experienced Emergency Nurse. I had my Medical last week and passed everything only to find Id failed on an abnormal smear test Id had last year, despite scans and a punch biopsy all coming back negative i.e I dont have cancer. Working as an Emergency Nurse I am baffled along with Medical and Surgical Doctors as to why this would effect my work with the TA, how would it effect any deployment? A lady who has also applied has not only had to have special permission granted because shes over theupper age limit, but she had a breast biopsy last year, under yearly checks, but has passed. I am desperate to know the rationale. The Doctor who works part time for the Army has said he will ask the question but has not got back to me. Im 43 and have worked non stop on my fitness in order to pass the fitness assessment, I never dreamt this would hold me back x
Though I can't comment on any specific conditions if you have failed the medical you do have the right to appeal. When you failed you should have received a letter stating that you'd failed and giving the reason why. You should take this along to your GP in order that they can write a letter in support of your appeal and provide copies any pertinent medical info they hold to support the appeal. Take this letter into the unit you wish to join and they should send it back to TA occupational health who will make a decision based on the supplementary evidence as to whether you are fit to serve.

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