Failed Army Medical, very low state of life at the minute.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Signallers, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    I have been an Army Cadet for 4 years, spent hours and hours researching the Army, this was the life for me, i knew it was. I passed with flying colours my selection, interview, barb, physical but ahhhh, my Medical!! I ******* Failed it due to being very slightly Autistic which i haven't had problems with since i was in primary school. Now this has been my dream job since i can remember, i used to think about it all the time, now i am not eligible to apply, my world has come crashing down. Im feeling on such a low urge of life, i have lost all self esteem, and motivation this was the only thing i ever wanted to do, i can't think what i want to do now, at all! And please, no sarcastic banter this time, im serious, anyone else been in this situation? What should i do? I think i would feel better off not even being alive anymore, yeah a strong statement for it only being the army but it was what i wanted to do, the only thing.
  2. So you're mental then?
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  3. Could always try the French Foreign Legion or try and blag your a Jew and join the Isralie Defence force.
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  4. That saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket, well there's other things you can do. Always have more than one lot of skills
  5. Unfortunately your past has come back to haunt you. Had you not been "diagnosed" autistic but rather been labelled an annoying twat you wouldn't be having this problem now(?) I blame the parents.
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  6. Look on the bright side, you can now return to your career in the Cadets with the "trump card" that the Army gave you PTSD. Also along with lots of other ARRSERS you can be safe in the knowledge that despite never really actually serving, what you do not know about forces life and Military operations is not worth knowing.
    So in short no really change eh? ^_~

    Or try the TA those f***ers will take anything.... just like Cadets (as long as its got tapes on it):p
  7. Yes you are feeling down which is a 100% appropriate in circumstances, you passed most of the application procedure which is better than many achieve.

    While you are feeling as you do at the moment stay off the alcohol.

    You set your heart on joining the army and gave your all in achieving it, did you personally fail, no you did not, the reason you were not successful was a medical condition from your youth, this was out of your control.

    Do you think you would have been a good soldier?

    If yes then do you honestly think that your attitude of saying "I think i would feel better off not even being alive anymore" is one of a soldier, no it is not, you not getting in the army has knocked you down, but a soldier dusts themselves down, gets up and battles on, this you will do after you have cussed some expletives, kicked the proverbial cat and had a few 'its not fair moments'.

    There is a wealth of jobs out there, but that is for another day, today is the day when you have right to feel P'd off, if you had returned to arrse all cheerful after not getting in the army, then you truly would be having a odd reaction.
  8. That's a shame.

    Can you count cards?
  9. Yes, Ive been in this situation - Binned by the RAF doc first time for suffering migraines, by the time i got passed that and took med for second time my knees were fucked. So - my entire life plan was in tatters. I went back to college and entered civvy life as an electronics engineer. Joined the TA. Same occured(ish) some years later when my ideal job came up, passed all selection, tests, interviews, and was fucked over by a previous employer for a reference.

    Yet again left on my arse in a dead end job, I retrained and now have a very good job in broadcasting.

    Moral - Life aint fair, get over it and move on, only one (albeit wide) door has closed for you, look for the next one thats open.
  10. Maybe you can find a way to emigrate to the US, and hope your medical records don't follow you?
    Join their forces - to be honest, there are only going to be about 30 blokes left in our regular forces soon, and they'll be armed with vegetable knives and moving about on roller skates.
    At least the septics still see the value me having a viable army, etc .
  11. try the RAF regt or selling arrse at kings cross ( both are very similar so im told)

    chin up kiddo at least you tried.
  12. Unlucky young man. I'm sure you are truly gutted, I know I would have been had the same happened to me. Like you I only ever wanted one thing, to join the army but was fortunate to be accepted and serve a long career. You need to pick yourself up think positively; the army is now beyond your grasp for no reason of your own doing and that is really a shame. But rise above it and you will find a career path where I'm sure you will excel. And do consider applying to be a CFAV as your condition will not hold you back and you will have much to pass on to younger cadets. Good luck.

    BTW, thought this was a sensible thread ... cut the lad some slack.
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  13. Another thing you could try is the TA: get the training cracked, then put yourself down for however many hours per week. It's an option.
  14. Flame Guard UP

    Don't the TA have the same medical requirements as the Regs?

    Flame Guard DOWN
  15. Join the Foreign Legion.
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