Failed AOSB - What to do next?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by boomersausage, Aug 6, 2011.

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  1. Well I failed my AOSB a couple of weeks ago. I messed up the leader exercise royally and my maths was poor in the second MAP tests, the plan ex grilling and the education advisor interview.

    So I'm a little down about all of it. I am going to study and try it all again of course for a second attempt. However I wanted a bit of advice before I do. The alternative open to me is to join as a regular soldier and maybe try and get on the PODC at some stage instead. I spoke to a guy at AOSB who was on the PODC after 6 months of passing out from catterick after all so perhaps that's an avenue for me to consider? Take the AOSB on the chin as a lesson and try again later. I really would like to get in sooner rather than later though.

    So I'm not sure whether to wait and try main board again, join up as a TA in the meantime, or go in as a regular and hope to work my way up. :/
  2. Joining as a soldier solely with the hope of being picked up as a PO strikes me as a pretty dumb thing to do. You'd be taking a scarce slot in the Regular Army which someone motivated might otherwise have filled, wouldn't necessarily have the motivation or drive to get on as a ranker - and would probably not be looked at particularly favourably by your peers and comrades if you made it clear that you were using their chosen career as a springboard towards 'working your way up'.

    If you want to join the Regular Army and be a soldier, in the hope that you might be picked up, but with the awareness that you'll be expected to give 100% of your effort to doing what you'll be asked to - and in the knowledge that you might well not be identified as a PO - then crack on, well done and congratulations. If not, don't.

    It doesn't sound as if AOSB went well in any way at all and that your overall performance was shaky - not just in one or two aspects, but across the board (so to speak). I don't know you, have never met you and probably never will; however, in your position, I think I'd be asking myself a couple of questions: am I absolutely convinced I'd be a good officer and am I absolutely sure I can reach the standards required?

    Still, the best of luck. I managed 22 years in the ranks and managed to be rejected three times altogether at Westbury - as a LCpl, a Cpl and a Sgt - and it was absolutely the right call by the Board.
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  3. I don't think I really know enough about you to be able to offer any advice.

    Answers to the following might help people discuss your options:
    • How old are you?
    • What is your educational background?
    • Do you have a job at the moment?
    • Do you enjoy it?
    • Where are you living (can make a big difference if you're considering TA)?
    • Is the Army the only thing you've ever wanted to do?
    • What do you want to do in the Army?
  4. That's spot on pretty much. I am looking at my failure as a 'generally shakey' and a 'probably the right call that week'. But I still want to serve, and I had hoped to try my luck as an officer, but am totally prepared to put the work in as a non com even if despite hoping to maybe get selected, not necessarily doing so through the career.

    @ Idrach
    5 A-levels no degree
    Sales assistant
    No, hate it and the 9-5 office life.
    I considered the Royal Marines at one stage?
    I wanted to be in the infantry. The paras or the RIR (mums from northern ireland and I lived there until 4 years ago).

    I appreciate any advice at all
  5. Twenty-two and no tertiary education, what have you been doing since you left school?
    When did you discover that you wanted to serve?
    If you are serious enlist as a private soldier.
    Choose your arm and regiment carefully.
    Don't screw up in training and see how it goes.
    If you're not really sure pick another career.
    In any event get a move on, time's passing.

  6. Did you get any feedback? If you still want to be an Officer find out where you need to be mentally and physically and make sure you are there before you apply
    Volunteer for anything that will give you leadership experience. Build on your education.
    Basically you need to make yourself into exactly what they are looking for. Speak to as many people as you can who have passed and ask them what they did to get there. If there is a list of required competencies for the role make sure you fulfill them all.
    Hope that helps.
  7. Hey, pm me your e-mail. I attended board two weeks ago and put together a document with tips on for some friends I'll send it over.
    You still have another go so concentrate on that.
  8. Pick yourself up, work had and go again.
    From what i gather mental strength and character are a big thing for officers.
  9. Join as a private soldier, being an officer is nowhere near as much fun as the marketting makes it out to be.

    Youll do one tour commanding men and then in most peoples cases youll disappear off into a world of excel spreadsheets, Lose the snobbery on being a Pte soldier and realise that if you are clever enough to be looking at officer your smart enough to fly in the NCO world.

    (I apprecaite shit officers would make even worse NCO's but if Ph1 and Ph2 cant straighten out any failings in the "rupert" streotype people like to imagine thats a failing in the trg eestablishments.)
  10. Thanks everyone, some really good advice here. :)
  11. I've had a foot in both camps. Private education. Service family. Enlisted in the infantry. Was selected for a P type engagement and got blown out of the water in a big way at RCB (as was). Decided that there was nothing I wanted to do as much as soldiering and... soldiered on. Was selected to attend RCB again and (probably by the skin of my pants) got through. Moral of this tale, such as it is? Enlisted or officer, do it because you want it above all else and, when you get it, cherish it like the very devil because one day it will be over and you will want to have the very best of memories to look back upon.
  12. I too failed my WOSBy many years ago; signed up in the infantry, scraped through basic training and just avoided being back-squaded because I was an unfit, useless, teenager. Did four tours of active service in the next five years, went back to Westbury and on to Mons OCS. I wouldn't do it again from choice but I am very glad that I did my service.
  13. Boomer

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  14. You sound like you need a bit of 'life experience' as the Army calls it. There will have been some qualities about yourself that made you unsuitable to be selected and it won't have been just preforming poorly on the mathematic side of things.

    You're 22 and still young, what do you do in your spare time? Any team sports, voluntary work, public speaking etc? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

    It's good to see you are considering getting some soldiering experience under your belt but as the others have said you'd be better going down the TA route rather than a Regular soldier. The latter is lunacy unless you have a desire to be a soldier, with no guarantee of ever gaining a commission.

    I had to put my Regular application on hold but in the meantime I have completed 16 months with the TA and if all goes well at selection I will have had a very enjoyable two years with my Regiment with some fantastic experiences and memories. I can thoroughly recommend it and suggest you head over to your local unit to see what's available. It's by no means the Regular Army but it will give you far more of an impression and insight than civvy street and will help you decide if a commission is right for you.
  15. My advice - sort your full time job out before thinking about anything else.

    If you are prepared to sit in such an appalling indoor occupation for more than the next couple of weeks then you probably don't have what it takes to be an infanteer let alone an officer in same.

    Don't bend your real life out of shape over trying to get a commission.

    Do something worthwhile and you will develop as a character in yourself and have another go in a couple of years if you fancy it.

    Sales assistant, dear me!