fail medical?

I was looking for posts about the medical at ADSC but i couldnt find any, soooo

i was wondering, I tore my fascia in my foot a month or so ago and got a steroid injection for it, hoping to get my date for ADSC on monday and was wondering if it was in the next few months, is there any chance of getting deferred because of my foot history?


You couldn't find any topics about the medical at ADSC? Are you ******* blind?
There was nothing wrong with our old bone question man (Jensen).
Have you had your medical questionnaire filled in by your doctor and sent off to the army medical team yet? I should imagine that if there were any problems with your history they may have been, or should be flagged up so that you know if there is a problem before you get to ADSC. I had a problem flagged up on mine, and it was'nt until after an appeal that I was then sent to the ADSC. I am not trying to say that this will be the case for all recruits, but it may give you more of an idea of the process.

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