Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grumblegrunt, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    just watching the fuss on taking ciggies off display behind shop counters, now I dont smoke so dont really care if they are 7 quid a packet or not but this seems pretty pointless.

    after all they insisted on banning tobacco advertising in sports which just meant that snooker, darts and F1 needed to find some money yet the tobacco companies suddenly find that they didnt need it and thus made mountains more profit out of the deal.

    if you want em you buy em, simple really.

    mind you that panorama on fake fags was quite scary - great way to cut down on the smokers by killing them off super quick
  2. Never thought of it this way before but all this banning of advertising, removal of colours on packets etc etc has lead to an increase in the tabacco firms profits which has more than made up for the small number of smokers who have packed it in due to the governments measures.

    Good job by the health freaks again there.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I have to wonder how much the implementation of this legislation will cost the taxpayer. It makes me wonder though, the madness over who had thought this one up. The concept they are using is 'out of sight - out of mind', which is fair enough - but then just about every 'offy' I've ever been in has a tiny section of cigarettes, and half a wall taken up with copious amounts of liquor, white cider, wines and beers. So are they also planning to issue shop keepers with rolls of hessian to cover that lot up too?

    After all, when was the last time your neighbourhood was terrorised and destroyed by all them damned kids and their constant binge-smoking well into the early hours of the morning?

    The government should snap out of it IMO. After all, they need every penny to convince us all that Libya needs freeing from the dictatorship regime of Colonel Naafi, whilst using military force (of which they are sacking 10% of) in order to secure their hands on 2% of the world's oil production.
  4. This is gesture politics of the worst kind and is more rubbish from the nanny state. Smoking is probably the most regulated mass habit around what about all the yobs drinking their cheap alcohol in the streets that is freely available and on display throughout the country.
  5. Imagine if they banned smoking. This site shows the figures for the tax take on tobacco for 10 years or more: Tax revenue from tobacco » Tobacco Manufacturers' Association

    Now no govt in their right mind is going to wave farewell to that cash cow, and will load the missing revenue onto non-smokers without hesitation. Also it disturbs me that seeign as about 20% of the UK populence smokes that this govt thinks it can just bully people around like the last bunch. I want a govt that does things for people not to them. For those that would argue that they are doign it for people (for their health) it only works if the group in question want it to be done to them. I'll bet less than 20% of the UK regulary attends church/temple/mosque but imagine if they suddenly made legislation that all religious books be sold out of sight and in plain covers given the cost to the UK economy of security and other measures because of religious issues.
  6. TBH, I am a smoker who keeps trying to quit. These government initiatives make that harder. Take the smoking ban, that has made smoking far more sociable than it once was. Having to go outside for a smoke has made it far easier to get talking to strangers.
  7. One of the things the government has always banghed on about is the high cost of smoking related diseases/treatment to the NHS, if the figures in the above link are correct, for example £10.5 billion in tax revenue for 2010, there is no way that smoking is costing the NHS that amount, and even if it was £10 million, then thats a drop in the ocean compared to the tax revenue.
  8. Agreed useless gesture pretty much eveyshop you go in has the smokers shelves behind the counter with the other things like kit to make role ups, and as a non smoker i dont give it a second thought and even those i know who do smoke tend to just order their usual without looking. if they realy wanted to solve the problem they'd throw more money into preventing people from starting but as others have said its a good cash cow for them
  9. It said on the news something like, £11.2 billion from the tax of tobacco.. and £2 billion on "smoking" related illness for the NHS. I don't think we will be stopping smoking as a country any time soon. As far as the government are concerned its a free £9 billion.
  10. Definatly It has made smoking much more sociable and as a result made it harder to quit in that respect. Its to the extend that the smoking area of a club has really just become another level, akin to an outdoors smoking room. Even non smokers will go to a smoking area for the sociable side of it I have seen anything from 1/8 to 1/2 of the people in a smoking area that are non smokers. and to be honest I have met and engaged in converstaion with more people in smoking areas/shelters than anywhere else.
  11. Says it all, successive governments have caused people to aopolgise for being smokers and virtualy criminalised the act. If they really cared why not grasp the nettle and make it illegal? Fat chance, bunch of hypocritical, money grabbing ba**ards.
    (DMS. Packed in smoking 1976, still craving!)
  12. Couldn't agree more with you and SE. As that most vile of all God's mistakes, the social pissed up smoker, it's the perfect way to get chatting to a woman without having to shoulder barge her ugly mates out of the way and its nice and casual so shes alot less likely to tell you to **** off straight away, which when you're as ugly as me is a massive help.

  13. Exactly the point I made to her indoors last night.
  14. Its a ridiculous law dreamt up by absolute fuckwits! if I buy fags I buy my favourite brand, If they dont have my favourite brand I will ask for my second choice, whether there are bright colours or manufacturers logos all over the place is absolutely irrelevant.. I dont say oh go on give my a packet of fags with most sparkly brightest most colourful box! what a load of pish! Probbaly will cost the government a shedload in paperwork and save the fag manufacturers a packet!
  15. Just done a few calcs - most definately not exact but broadly based in line with quantities found online.

    The population in 1991 was approx 57.5m of which smokers were Male 30% and Female 26% (Govmt Figures)
    The Population in 2010 was approx 61.5m of which smokers were - male 24% and female 20% (again Gocmt figures)

    The Tax revenue from Tobacco was 1991 £6.8B and in 2010 £10.5B

    This leads to each smoker paying £422 tax in 1991 and £777 in 2010 - with inflation averaging say 2.5% per annum for 20 years is roughly 50%.

    This means that if tobacco had risen with inflation the amount paid by each smoker should have averaged £633 per annum in 2010. So the percentage of smokers is going down - but the tax revenue percentage is going up - so whats going to happen if the new ideas cut the number of smokers by say as little as 1% you can expect a rise of 10.9% on tobacco just to keep the revenue the same - this will add at least 15% at the till. so we are looking at a £1 a pack rise for the numbers reduction - just to keep things in perspective!!!!