Fag for the Corporal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spent_case, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Like that'll happen.
  2. Here was me thinking the public school ethos had filtered down to the junior ranks.
  3. Maybe it is me ......but wouldnt the tobacco companies kick up a stink? all that lost revenue, let alone the government losing millions to boot!!!......when and where will all the pc nonsense end? some people need to get a life and get out more methinks. Why do the minority always make life suck or the rest of us? :x

    when is this revolution going to take place? :?

    imo and this is only my opinion how can you dictate that sort of thing to someone who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

    to paraphrase from somewhere else the men are expected to go and kill and get killed!! but they can`t write naughty words on assets cos it might offfend someone!!!...........ffs :x grrr
  4. Smokers are now in the minority.
  5. I bet 15 years ago when someone suggested a smoking ban in pubs and clubs, the same thing was said.
  6. without getting into our usual your a cnut and i am a fat dyke, would you have supported the raising of the tax if the money was spent on smoking related health care, rather than brats.
  7. As a soldier today it would appear that you are more likely to be killed by an IED than by a smoking related disease.
    Smoking is only permitted out of doors so there are no passive smoking issues but there is a case of civil liberties. If cigarettes are legally available and can be freely used by civilians, how can you possibly ban troops from smoking? From the point of view of health and fitness it is obviously advantageous not to smoke but if soldiers can maintain their fitness and still smoke then it is their right to be able to do so in a manner that doesn't impinge on another's right to fresh air.
  8. They could (if they felt like a riot) ban smoking from military areas. If people want to smoke they can do it outside of the army property. They do this at the ammo compound in Kineton, for safety reasons of course but they could extend it anywhere.
  9. It depends how they institute a ban. If they ban smoking on military premises how does that affect FOBs? Will you be expected to nip outside the compound for a fag?
  10. Yes its much what i thought and scarily for both you and me i agree with you its a crock what they are doing.

    As you either ban it or leave it the fcuk alone, i still break open the odd pack of malb lights when i am fcuked going mental or wankkered on vodka and i am smart enough to know that i am killing myself a little every time i do as do 90% of smokers.

    The pentagon will hopefully put some LT jg in a windowless office without networked PC and the photocopier and his short timing assistant on the overside of the building. :)

    by the by love and kisses fcuk face :wink:

    edited for crap spelling
  11. Where exactly is this right established? What is considered fresh air, is there a measure to ensure quantitatively the freshness?

    If I fart in a room full of people do I violate this right?

    What if the fart contains the odor of a beef taco and the room is filled with vegetarians? Am I in more trouble for not only violating their "fresh air right" but forcing them to breath in digested beef particulent?

    You should have stopped at "it is a legal substance" <FULL STOP\>
  12. They can't.

    It's a drug, it just happens to be a more socially accepted drug than cannabis, cocaine, heroin, etc.. The same for alcohol; most people in Europe used to knock back huge amounts of booze, pre-tea, because the water was undrinkable. Fifty or a hundred years ago, people didn't know it was a hazard. We all know now, so people are now educated about it, advised against it, its use is restricted and eventually prohibited.

    If the US Army can expect to pick up the health bills for their recruits, they can expect to restrict the harmful substances the recruits ingest. Employees' health insurance can cost $1,000 a month in the US (I'm told).

    Sorry for the inconvenience to those already hooked on the weed, and no, I don't give a stuff what you do to yourselves. I can guarantee alcohol and tobacco will kill more Forces or ex-forces personnel than current ops, and all the illegal drugs put together.

    PS A more effective technique might be $100 say extra for non-smokers and regular testing to ensure they don't indulge.
  13. I am a non-smoker but I don't feel I have the right to tell someone who has just been in a fire fight with the enemy and who has possibly seen his mates killed or injured that he cannot light up a much needed fag.
  14. It probably wouldn't happen like that immediatly, but start it in basic training, where you don't have much choice on what to do, then apply it in other areas so its phased in.
    Bastards banned alcohol in Iraq and Afghanistan with out to much of a problem, probably not as easy with cigarettes, but they could if they really wanted to.