FAD/No2 Dress Standards

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Count.Dracule, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. What is the dress standards with the new stuff, have spent 20yrs plus wearing the old No2's and old habits die hard.

    1. Do we still press creases into the sleeves of the jacket, considering there is an awkwardly placed seam in the way?

    2. The pathetic looking belt issued with the FAD, is it the norm to wear it, or can we stick to the old green belt?

    3. Please advise on any differences from the old 2's

  2. Creases in sleeves - Certainly. Take your line from where the sleeve front meets the jacket, roughly in line with the top pockets.

    Crap belt - Bin it! Follow Regimental tradition. My jacket came with nasty little brass hooks in the sides but they weren't visible from the outside. Discovered them when I tightened up my Sam Brown and they dug in to my flanks - they live in little pockets, and have been removed with the aid of a sharp pair of scissors.
  3. Thanks Queensman, next stop - remove lining from sleeves!
  4. awful stuff to march in.
  5. Marching days for me are over thankfully, just attending a pass off parade!
  6. Was on in mine for AFD on Saturday,awful, Heavy suit, belt thats about as much use as a butter tea pot!!!
  7. FAD and Standards in the same sentence! Interesting concept.
  8. An iron would cause FAD to melt!
  9. Nope, all ironed and no melt!
  10. Was the iron switched on?
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  11. The new No2 Dress is made from a 100% wool cloth! No melting!!
  12. Just as well considering how easily it creases.
  13. On the contrary, I've seen 2 jackets now with melted iron burns in the sleeves. Phase 2's don't know the difference between warm iron and a flaming white hot sheet of steel. I spent 3 weeks in the old stuff and 3 weeks in the new, definately prefer the FAD especially in the Summer. So much cooler (thats temperature cool not Fonzy cool). If your tailor bodged the measuring when you got fitted for it, you'll end up looking like a 1950's Demob. Look around some of the WO's in Blandford for perfect examples of 40 pounds of shite stuffed into a 10 pound bag
  14. FADs great. It allows soldier's to wear highly brush polished Lowas with it. They even have full-on photos of themselves parading through Edinburgh printed in Soldier mag. Ammo boots are so last year, think I'll dig my jungle boots out. Gleaming.
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  15. Think your iron's dodgy boss been ironing mine daily on my course on not melted yet (queue it melting next time I put an iron to it!)