FAD Barrack Dress trousers and No2 trousers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. Gents,
    just managed to get hold of new FAD Barrack Dress and No2's.
    Bit of a nightmare to get hold of seeing as my Unit are not officially allowed to get it! And before you ask, i needed new 2's and you cant get old ones.
    Question is, No2's trousers are too big, but jacket is fine. Its issued as a set so i wasnt able to swap the trousers. The Barrack Dress fits fine. Now having to get decent mil tailors to sort trousers but tonight a thought came to me.
    Holding up the Barrack Dress trousers against the No2's, it looks like the same material....so are they the same or close enough to get away with.
    Anyone involved with FAD able to give a DS answer???
  2. Cancel my last, its now daylight and there is a very slight difference. Would be wouldnt there!
  3. This FAD thing is stupid. You can only get it if your in a Training Estb. That doesnt help if like me you now need No2's, not in such a Unit, but havnt worn yours since you were a Cpl and since must of shrunk! You manage to get a set but because they cant be split, trousers/jacket, one or the other may not fit. So you either go down the solution of tailoring, which at my Unit the bloke just about manages to sew a badge on correctly, or trying to find a civvy tailor that will charge the earth to change.
    Why cant the trousers be like CS95 sizes so you can get the size you need. I know someone will now say cost, cost, cost.
  4. They are measuring me for it at the same time as my attestation next month. Saw it through the QM's little hatch, looks ok from a distance but the proof is in the wearing.
  5. "I know someone will now say cost, cost, cost".

    Costs - bollocks!

    Very good idea CH512O, that’s how the major High Street retailers sell their "suits". It works for them, and if anyone is going to be conscious of costs, it will be the major High Street retailers !

    (I’m working on the assumption, you mean obtaining the “jacket” and “trousers” separately, NOT as fixed combination?).

    Just give "the system" another decade of so to catch up !

    As you are involved with the procurement/testing of vehicles, you can imagine the difficulties in procuring/distributing something as complicated as clothing !!

    . . . . . suggest you copy this across to the DRLC thread (on my naive assumption that clothing was/is a RAOC/RLC responsibility).

    (How do you make these new apologies for a "smilie" work ?!)
  6. What are you on about? My regiment got measured at the start of the year, and all our new FAD's are in our QM's.
  7. Seems a totral waste of money. Why would anyone "need" barrack dress or indeed any form of posh uniform. Pretty much every parade nowadays seems to involve desert combats.

    Can it, save the money for something we actually need.
  8. As I said on another thread a fine example of procurement at it's very best.

    The jacket has no waist and the positioning of the pockets means that you have problems wearing a Sam Brown with it. The metal hooks (I'm assured by the tailor they are for holding sword loops) are useless and some bright spark had the idea of making them retractable. You can't see then but you can certainly feel them in your waist when your belt is fighting with the pocket tops.

    A noble attempt to save money but sadly............................
  9. Spent practically 2 weeks wearing the bloody stuff in this lovely summer weather we're having.

    Particularly loved the generic 3 sizes of trousers that means you're either short and fat, somewhere in the middle, or tall and thin. Lot's of switching around till everything sort of fit was had... I ended up with tall and thin trousers (i'm a short arse) with uber tight bracers ensuring the trousers split my balls in two nicely and were wedged firmly in my crack.

    Make sure you break the shoes in too...
  10. Might be Corps specific but thats what happening at the moment with mine.
  11. What do you actually get issued then CH5120? Trying to decide if i should invest in another tea chest to keep all my unused uniforms in!
  12. No2's - 2 long sleeve shirts, jacket, trousers, tie.
    Barrack Dress - 3 short sleeve shirts, trousers, 2 pairs black socks and new shoes.

    As for comments about the fact i havnt worn No2's since Cpl. I last wore them when i was 27/28. Im now 39 so yes, they dont bloody fit. Not my fault that Units i was with didnt see it as a priority to get them out of the locker! As for last time i wore Barrack Dress...try 89/90!!
  13. Barrack dress, another waste of money.