Factory closure casts doubt on supply of vital Trident part

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Given the SLBM's are drawn directly from US Navy stocks I'd say that our nuclear deterrant was already fundementally reliant on the yanks.
  2. Taz wrote:

    Does this mean yet more reliance on the Yanks?

    Nope, it means more reliance on our loyal European Allies.... Which is precisely what our traitorous political master wish, all part of their European project. How long till our Nuclear deterrent is run from Brussels.
  3. Umm, the plant is owned by those paragons of virtue, BAe Systems. HMG sold its remaining shares in said company back in 1985.
  4. What is the fuss all about?

    Just because UK PLC does not manufacture it anymore does not mean:

    a. That you can not buy it elsewhere
    b. That you can not buy the precursor chemicals- 1,3,5-trichloro-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene and ammonia and make it on small scale in another facility.

    Since it is part of a Trident rather than a convention wpn i suspect that the relative quantities are small and therefore you make it when you need it...

    p.s. Uk Sy Service - I only looked up the precusor chemical name and cost to for the pruposes of this comment :oops:
  5. Herrenbloke, you are aware that the Trident warhead is UK-made and the rocket is made in US and serviced at Kings Bay, Georgia? What are you on about?
  6. I was linking it to the closure of Royal Ordnance facilities that are being moved to France. We will have no ammunition manufacturing facilities thanks to Reid and his cronies.

  7. Now I know, Britain is going down the drain,the French making our Ammo!They can´t even keep our water clean;The next time one of our European`Allies`decides that one of our adventures with the US,is illegal,we´ll get no bullets.This will not be Europes´fault,this will be 100% our failling.What are these Idiots thinking of.

    But it´s not the first time,we used to get wheel parts and tracks,for Scorpion from Russia(then UdSSR!).But AMMO!!