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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Prodigal, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. A year or so ago I posted a thread wondering if a version of the Truth and Reconciliation project that ran in South Africa would work for Northern Ireland. Tonight on BBC2 at 7.50pm is the first of 3 programmes bringing people together from opposite sides. Tonight the family of a Catholic man shot by a Green Howards officer are brought face to face with the GH offr.

    Monday I understand its a UVF gunman and his victim's family.

    It's being presided over by Bishop Desmond Tutu. I will be watching with interest.
  2. and will there be an IRA bomber and his victims? oh no, he's probably been allowed into the PSNI or serving in government or something.
  3. You took the words right out of my mouth CR. Yet another media attempt, no doubt subsidised by you and me and
    given the thumbs up by central office, to re-write history and redefine the word terrorist. Ensuring it has nothing to
    do with Irish Nationalism obviously.
  4. You both talk crap. Perhaps there are people who would like to examine the events of those times with a perspective other than the one they took at the time. And as the programmes are overtly and neutrally observable, and show 3 of the main sides of the conflict it would be difficult to argue (in any kind of intelligent and debatable manner) that they are Republican propoganda........ perhaps you will accept my rather terse judgement of your opinion.

    Has anyone else anything more thoughtful to contribute?
  5. Bore off son. Anyone who's going to get so anti about a couple of squaddies taking an understandably
    cynical view of anything masquerading as a 'Truth Commission' in NI must have some link to it.
    When I see who you've managed to find amongst republican terrorists who are willing to apologise to a family
    whose lives they have destroyed without the promise of more UK PLC cash and allowances I'll change me tune.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I actually watched the first of the programs this evening. I have to say that 2:2 (sorry couldn't resist the old university joke i.e. 'what was your final result?' 'Oh not so bad I got a Desmond.') annoyed me with his oh so pleasant smile, but then he is a Bishop, so I won't bash him too much. 8O

    The first dialogue was between an ex 'sniper' from what I could gather, sounded like he was quite often tasked with being hawkeyes when things were afoot. The guy got really quite emotional when he admitted that there was a strong possibility that the man he took out (direct shot to the Sternum) may not have been who he thought, and it may have even been a stray round. This was done to the dead man's sister, who thanked him for helping her clear the name of her dead brother. Myself I was touched by it, but then I used to have long hair.

    The second dialogue was between an IRA cell member operating in UK specifically out of Southampton who shot a PC who was pursuing them unarmed even tho' he knew the men he was chasing were carrying weapons. This was also interesting and the glint of intense feeling could still be seen in the eye of the provo, 21 years in prison for attempted murder had not softened his belief in 'the cause'. There appeared to be some mutual understanding, and also some respect. I do have to add that I detected a softness in the PC, tho' I obviously do not mean he was a 'wimp', after all he chased down two armed men unarmed and took two bullets.

    It did get me wondering just how well equipped civilian bobbies are for the job in today's world. I don't doubt their committment, but I can't help thinking that many, even today at least initially, really do have a sense of working for the community, and coming across armed criminals and/or insurgents/terrorists is not why they join up nor what they expect.
  7. From the BBC website.
    Sounds a little more balanced than some of you may think.
  8. Stevens,Saville,and now this! When will it all end?
  9. Yes, very useful I'm sure. Why not have these victims meeting the people who actually caused their pain, instead of some random rent-a fcukwit? Load of pink fluffy bollox.
  10. I wonder how much each person was paid to appear on such a farce of a show, anyone in their right mind who lost a loved one due to these asshole terrorists would not tarnish the memories of their loved ones. Or is it just an opportunity for the scum terrorists to get some sort of point/excuse across, surely the BBC can spend the license payers money on something worthwhile, then again we are talking about the Biased Bigot Co-operation. Makes me fcuking sick.
    If people want to do this sort of thing then do it private, if it brings or helps bring your grieving to a close then so be it, but for fcuks sake do not wash your laundry in public, it stinks and is very disrespectful to the innocents that were murdered by these fcuking evil little pr1cks.
  11. I am at a bit of a loss to understand what made this so relevant now. The 'facts' re wobbly night sight and bullet deflection on passing through glass were stated at the Inquest; iirc, these points were covered in the statement made by the officer immediately after the shooting. He had become a born again Christian some long time ago and at that conversion contacted the family and told them the story again. So - other than 'good' tv, just what was served by last night's performance? As for the comment on hawkeyes, GH had a number of snipers of officer rank. Again iirc, only matched by 1 Queens who also ran a sort of Safari Squad.
  12. There'll never be reconcilliation. I detest with a burning passion every man woman and child who were part of any organistion that murdered brave men and women, braver than those scum can ever be - brave because they stood up, pulled on a uniform and presented themselves as the thin green line against total civil war. I hate the PIRA and any guise they take, I now understand the 'troubles' much more than I did growing up - I now detest the all paramilitaries; not just Republicans - though Republican terrorists have an extra special place in my heart.
  13. Quality post.
  14. I believe the point of the exercise was to offer a glimmer of what could be possible if people could face each other and ask questions of their protagonists. I thought, for example, the quesion asked by the NI ex-para of the IRA man about could he justify what the IRA did to members of their own Republican communities was a very valid one, and not one that the IRA man could come up with a decent answer to.

    The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in S Africa offered some kind of opportunity for people to move on in their grief and anger and make some kind of sense of what had happened to them and their loved ones.

    Some of the attitudes you have expressed here mirror the IRA man's "glint of intense feeling could still be seen in the eye of the provo, 21 years in prison for attempted murder had not softened his belief in 'the cause'. "

    You , and he, may continue to hold those views - that is up to you. But for Northern Ireland to have any kind of normal future, for its children and young people to have any kind of hope that their lives will not be eviscerated by the old enmities of their fathers, then these enmities will have to be consigned to where they now belong - the history books. Why should our youngsters have to contine to endure our old wars?

    Programmes like the BBC one are no more than an indication of one of many things that will help Northern Ireland to begin a process of healing. And heal it must gentlemen, because if it doesn't, then we are going back to the asylum.

    (and don't call me son ........ I'm a woman, and probably old enough to be your mother)
  15. Second that!!!!

    Prodigal-sentimental drivel!