Facing The Truth BBC2 2000-2100hrs

Bit late notice - sorry. Interesting program still:

Facing the Truth

Sun 5 Mar, 20:00 - 21:00 60 mins

Victims from the Northern Ireland conflict who have never had any justice meet former members of the paramilitaries responsible for the violence.

An ex police officer who lost both his arms in an IRA attack meets a former IRA man convicted of murdering soldiers. A family meets a former member of the loyalist organisation which murdered their son in a drive-by shooting. Plus, a widow and a survivor from the IRA bombing at Narrow Water in which 18 soldiers died meet a former IRA man who killed an SAS officer.

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Mr Happy

just about managed to avoid this, as the opening credits/music/helicopter started up I realised what was about to be shown and quickly managed to pop in a DVD (ER series 5 IIRC). Lucky escape...

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