Facing PAP 10 Admin Discharge Medical Grouds - Advise Please

I've done 18yrs and there is no way I can do another 4yrs in full time work, will I now lose all of my years pension?
If admin discharged you wont 'lose' any pension that you have already earned.

You will however lose things like the immediate pension* and the last 4 or 6 years you would have, no doubt, accrued through further service.

*I think. I don't think an admin discharge will initiate immediate pension like other forms of discharge do.
Got the latest PAP very interesting read, was revised in June last year and states exactly how an injured soldier should be managed. 165 pages so if anyone wants a copy let me know
Sent. From what I can read you shouldn't be eligible for a recu if you are p0. And appendix 17 states you do not have to be present for a work place assessment you can have it done via email or telephone call. So if you are p0 at home because of your injuries and have it in writing from an orthopaedic surgeon that you should not ever, kneel, squat, lunge it's physically impossible for you to meet the table six functional criteria and therefore are imposed L6 E5 you should be referred for full Med board and be awarded p8 full medical discharge !
My advice to anyone who was injured as a result of service who's trying to push on like I did is don't. Go to your mo explain all of your limitations if being in work is causing further deterioration and making your symptoms worse be honest with them take the p0 grade. I was gutted when I got my last scan result and p0 grade but in hindsight it may have saved my skin as if ur not willing to accept alternative employment as part of ur recu process u can be admin discharged.

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