Facilities Manager required in Africa



I'm a British HR Manager (ex-military) working in West Africa. The company I work for are looking to recruit a 'Facilities Manager' here in West Africa.

The successful applicant needs to have experience in camp maintenance and the management of a kitchen (menu's and food hygiene). The camp holds a few hundred personnel and the kitchen staff numbers about 16.

If you submit a CV to me you really need to ensure that your experience relates to the 'Facilities Manager's' role (no need to mention how many weapons you looked after within the armoury). We want someone who can run a small camp and ensure the camp is well maintained and the kitchen is run efficiently and effectively.


Nigeria, & you want my bank details?
Healthy salary plus work is on 'Rotation'. You work 9 weeks 'on' and 3 weeks 'off'. Flights paid for by company, we are located in Guinea. My company is keen to recruit ex-military.
In regards to the kitchen management. Does it serve adults? Or does it serve child soldiers?

I only ask as I'm a demon with chicken nuggets.

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