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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by electric_citizen, May 10, 2007.

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  1. Just getting into resettlement mode and can't decide what I want to do after my 22. Been told that facilities management is a good course for the next life. About to settle in the NE. Any advice on this would be most welcome, (not about the NE bit though :D ).
  2. Check it out very carefully as applicable in the area you are going to. In many areas, FM has run its course and many who used outsourcing have found it was an expensive way of doing something they were able to do cheaper if they thought about it. There is a FM Institute. If you do go in, you will need to demonstrate some qualifications. That said, an army background is advantageous in running a FM project.
  3. I'd disagree with "FM has run its course" it depends on whether you look at FM in terms of bin collection, support staff etc. If you're talking FM for plant, eqpt, maintenance and reponse then IMHO FM is alive and kicking and always will be!
  4. In many areas. Not all. The remainder will soon wise up and either learn how to do it themselves or take qualified FM practicioners onto their own staff and run the same idea in house. My main area was Home Counties in the Health sector. I was head-hunter approached six times in my last two years before retirement to do just that. Had we been able to sort out pension problems, I'd have moved. The savings that dedicated organisations make on their quoted price make their profits. No reason the company now employing FM cannot have those instead.

  5. Facilities Management is very much a 'broad' world. Rather than get into a lengthy description on this topic, just pm me with a view to meeting up in London. I'll take you around my world and you can view it for yourself. Let's discuss.