Facilities in Paderborn

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by wkdblue, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. :? Apologies if this is in the wrong area.... Am about to go over to Germany (Normandy Bks to be precise) ... I'm just curious really, does anybody know if you can get broadband in the blocks? I'm going to be in a single room and as far as I'm aware they all have phone line's, and I know a couple of guys have sky tv, although I don't know if this is through the phone line or sat dish. Don't wanna be without broadband and access to arrse :(
  2. You have to check if ADSL is available to you. Get in touch with Deutsche Telekom when you get out there.
  3. i know that up north a bit the new blocks have had a full system fitted but the army bieng what it is has used BT so all the lines are not compatable with deutches telekom, as DG suggested get yourself to a shop called T-Punkt or similar and they may be able to sort you out, have you thought about getting a laptop with mobile connection, it seems to be the only alternative, whatever you do you'll usually end up paying through the nose. most camps now have been de-laminated so you can access arrse in work on works time hehe
  4. The Detsche Telecom shop is Detmolder Strasse in Paderborn. Have you contacted anyone at HQ Paderborn garrison? WRVS/HIVE etc

    Try www.bfgnet.de
  5. I spent nine months in Normandy Barracks. Retired US Military now. Anyone have any photos of the barracks, the outside and the memorial at the entrance to the barracks in particular. email me at whyoung@hotmail.com . Anyone know what happened to the statue of the WW1 soldier (on a horse with a spikey helmet) in Dempsey Barracks? Hope it is still there. Thanks

    Semper Gumbi