Facilities in Kandahar Airfield

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by cakenarse, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. Going to work as a quality Assurance Manager for a contractor in Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan at the end of the month, i am after any info on what the facilities are like.
  2. Women! Bags and bags of women, everywhere. All shapes, all sizes, all different nationalities and all gagging for it.

    Did you say Quality Manager? Erm...not the cookhouse, right?
  3. There a cracking outdoor pool.
  4. The water's a bit brown......... And it smells a bit........ :lol:
  5. CakenArse,

    are you going as a QA of the Catering Facilities? Was looking at similar jobs for myself but I'm not out until May 09.

    I would be interested in staying in contact and possibly getting some feedback from you nearer my discharge date if that's ok
  6. Kandahar has

    1. Burger king (currently closed due to a small fire)
    2. Pizza hut
    3. Timmy Hortons coffee shop
    4. Echos
    5. Wireless Internet
    6. Ice Hokey rink
    7. The odd rocket
    8. Loads of RAF who seem to think that its a tough place to be
  7. 9. Efi shop
    10. Piach piachet piathingy coffeeshop
    11. Efi bar thing selling food drinks comfy chairs free playstation 3's
    12. Several Gyms
    12. Some gobby jock chick with blonde hair who is almost always steaming.
    13. Massage parlour (I shit you not).
    14. Loads of ally blokes cutting around in rovers.
  8. 15. Volleyball court
    16. Tailors
    17. Cashpoint
    18. Dentist
    19. Air conditioning
    20. Dust. Lots of dust.
  9. Yes am going to QA food services, as just getting out, you RLC Chef then i take it,

  10. Yes I am! :D
  11. what intake (app or deg?)
  12. 1/83 Apprentice. A great year!!
  13. you must be a WO1 on continuance then? i was 1/85 casino plt
  14. 1/83 Cassino, but certainly not a WO1. I still work for a living
  15. Is she still there? She was cutting around in dessies and a regimental T-shirt last time I saw her, doesn't she just work in the coffee shop?