Facilities in Germany?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Whiskey_60, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just need some help from anyone with experience of living out in Germany with the Forces.

    My partner wants to go to University to study to be a nurse, is there English speaking universities out there that would allow her to do this?

    If theres anyone here who went out with their family in tow how was it? Did you settle in okay? Did your partner manage to find work? Make friends?

    As a soldier whats the training opportunities like compared to the UK (Armoured Inf)?

    Any answers to these questions appreciated aswel as any advice or tips that i haven't asked for.


  2. Most garrisons have an AEC (Army Education Centre) which offer some aid to Degrees etc, but never actually used it.
    Call one and discuss with them what they offer..........I imagine it wil be OU based support.
  3. there may well be english speaking unis in germany, bremen springs to mind

    as for settleing in? if she likes germany she will like it, everyone is individual so will have to make her own mind up

    training opportunities are the same, i would say better if you include poland and local trg areas
  4. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    My OH is 2 RA and I am about to join him in Celle (once I get court permission to take my ds). I have lived in Celle before and absolutely loved it. Germany is great for kids, and there are lots of things to do for adults too. The HIVE has been a great source of information, and is online. It also has a link to the LEC website which lists jobs.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Your partner would need to check to be sure that any qualification she gained in Germany would be transferable to the UK. Even if she is able to do her degree out here, she may not automatically be able to register as a nurse back home.

    The OU does offer pre-reg courses in nursing, but you have to be working and sponsered by a trust.

    I'm out here with my husband, and depending on where you're basd it shouldn't be too hard to find work/friends, you just need to keep plugging away at it, maybe she could look for work at the MRS as a HCA, would look good on applications she might want to make for nursing?

    Hope that helps?
  6. I'd be surprised if she could do a nursing degree in English in Germany, but you never know. Try googling 'German Universities taught in English'. It'll bring up a load of links you could seive through. The 'English speaking' courses taught in Germany are usually business related (international language). You might want to speak to some of the RAMC and ETS people as to what qualifications if any are transferable on the way back. Legally speaking, as we are all in the EC, there should be regulations in place which govern this. There are plenty of German doctors working in the UK who's qualifications were gained in their homeland. Has she considered speaking to a local UK University before she sets off for Germany. They should be able to give her advice on what is and what is not transferable.
  7. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    W-60 - As your partner is considering gaining a nursing qualification, can I suggest she consults NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) regarding transfer of qualifications obtained overseas to the UK? That should give the definitive answer - website www.nmc-uk.org The fact that Germany is in the EU is likely to be a key point. In fact, there may also be a need to communicate with the German NMC equivalent, as they may have restrictions about overseas students working in healthcare settings. In all cases, you need a very high standard of language skills to work as a nurse.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone, we've got some interesting factors and points of contact to look over now.

    We're considering her staying in the UK with our daughter and continuing her degree here whilst I go over to Germany and just try and get back when I can.