Facilities at Gutersloh

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lumpy, May 3, 2007.

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  1. After my adventure round JHQ recently, my unit have felt its a good idea to let me loose on Gutersloh for a few weeks!!

    What facilities are there in Gutersloh. I'd assume there's a NAAFI, but is there anything else that would be worth a visit/look at?


  2. Local town used to be nice when i was there in '87
  3. Journo?
  4. There are a number of "houses of ill repute" in and around the town.
  5. Definately not a journo.....Taking a party of lads across from UK for a wee trip, and want to keep them amused/shopping while on downtime.....
  6. Take them to the Fijian ghetto at PRB. They can drink whisky, smash the SLA up and conveniently 'forget' how to speak English afterwards.
  7. There is a Gloryhole in the public lavatories near Karstadt... Usually manned by blonde hair, blue eyed Bavarians with nice moustaches and a wiked tongue.
  8. Pats oirish bar in town, next to piano bar, owned by an ex squaddy,
    Bike meet 5 min up the road on a wed night, loads of motorcyles and bratty wagons, Bielefeld is good on the beer

    The argie is a good place for a meal, nice steaks at much cheaper than UK prices
  9. Mendoza's steak house gutersloh is a must, possiblely the greatest piece of meat ever (if your that way inclined) with good wine and at a good price, worth the trip over by itself.