Facilities at certain training establishments

I've had a mooch around the site for a comprehensive 'first-hand' guide to training establishments and grounds; such as facilities, accommodation, mess and cookhouse tales.

Can anyone tell me if Brecon has a cash machine? Joining Instructions always state that there are no means of pay parade on site, but nothing about cash machines or cash-back in the Spar!?

Also (for the MODS) if it doesn't raise any security issues, is there any harm in putting together a list of sites and their facilities based on first-hand experience and advice (rather than rely on JI's or websites?)

We could even market it, and sell it to Thompsons as a holiday brochure? Whatdoyareckon?
Sorry, I was watching your avatar, what was the question again?
Can I vote this as the most bone non-OTC thread this year?
Still wanna know about cash machines

Not really keen on taking two weeks worth of beer tokens and stuffing them in to my mattress (due to a mass locker break-in one course!)
leave it behind the bar at the Sarah Siddons; you'll end up there anyway...

( still bone though, dude... )
If your going on a course at Brecon, you won't need two weeks worth of beer tokens.

The once or twice that you get to go down town use a cash machine there!

Of course things could have changed. It's a long time since I was there maybe it's all cotton wool and chocolate now, but I doubt it. Your going there to run your bollocks off and learn, not to go on the lash.

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