Facilities at Camp Souter, Kabul?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RAF_Nurse!, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Title say's it all really. Anyone been there very recently? What's it like? Welfare facilities? Is it right you can pay to have internet access in your bedspace?!...making a laptop essential!!

  2. I visited last week (but have not lived there for more than one night). There is a really good Gym and Weights Room. The Cookhouse is fairly standard for the theatre (ie good). There is an FPO. Coffee bars. Chogey shops. The usual EFI shop and Paradigm phone and internet suites etc. Good view of the mountains (Souter is at 6000 ft). It's cold; damn cold. In short, there are much, much worse places to live.
  3. The facilities at Souter are very good and yes for $40 a month you can connect to the wireless net within the accommodation. The food here is considered the best in country, it is certainly better than at KAF. The Welfare area has just undergone a complete revamp, with the EFI coffee shop 'The Osprey Cafe' reopening tomorrow. As said in the previous post the gym is very good there is also an indoor sports hall. A pipe range is also under construction which will mean no more travelling into the mountains to zero each month. There is a market each week held on camp with nicknacks and plenty of dodgy dvd's to be had.
  4. Great! Thanks for the info.
    Is it a reliable & fast connection?...thinkin' of Skype.
    How is it for mortars and rockets, etc..?
  5. I don't think they require a broadband... TAXI!

    T C
  6. The connection is very good considering where in the world it is and i haven't had any problems and i use it every evening with msn messenger so skype shouldn't be a drama.

    As to rockets and mortars there have been none incoming since i have been up here.
  7. Souter was a brilliant camp- I had the pleasure of residing in the Military Sports Club in 02

    I can never look at an Aubergine again after that
  8. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. $40 a month! whos ripping the troops off there? NAAFI or BFBS?
  10. neither, it is something the unit has got here, and if you think it is expensive then don't pay and use the paradigm computers. Me i would rather pay and be able to see my family in the privacy of my own room.
  11. The facilities at Camp Souter are the best of any base in Afghanistan. Even vistors are provided with a duvet and clean sheets - a welcome change from my green maggot.

    Its fortunate that the gym is so well equiped as the food is excellent (and surprisingly its contract catering).

    Just be careful when jogging around camp as one of your colleagues tripped and broke their leg - about the only casevac in 6 months from Kabul!

    Enjoy your tour.
  12. loved the place,
    food outstanding welfare as good as any any where, if you really want something there is always an interrupter who can find it for you, gym excellent.
    just remember you slippers smoking jacket and cravat
  13. $40 a month is still expensive for just an internet connection, but captive audience and preying on the need for family contact means youll pay.
  14. sounds like they have got better than when i got stuck there for 4 days. Still, it was summer so there was no need for our maggots! EFI was good back then too.

    I say enjoy it while you can - you could be at a far worse place!!!!
  15. Excellent. Thanks again for the info. I wouldn't say i'm looking forward to it, but its good to be going somewhere else, instead of Basrah!