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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimmyoc, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. hi all, do we have anyone on this site that can through their job compare faces, maybe bone structure to confirm a face in an old photo is a certain person, this is nothing untoward as is a photo of me I want confirming, so i can say that is definitely me..heres hoping
    bye for now jimmy
  2. any hope lads :D
  3. Facial recognition.

    Take photo, hold up to reader, job jobbed.
  4. help really needed.
  5. oh well last go..
  6. I could be going a bit mad here, but, you want someone, to look at a picture of you, and then tell you, its you?
  7. I'll do it for £400
  8. Get yourself locked up in a big city. Most Police custody suites have the facility now. Just ask them to oblige (I'm sure they will) by adding your childhood photograph. :D

    However considering it has linked me to a 46 year old african bloke I wouldn't rely on it.
  9. hi yes, four people who were there confirmed me as the man in the photo, but it is not a very good quality photo, i was unconscious, it does look like me, but i have contacted the photographer he says it is not me, even though he did not know and has never met me, i am now older and fatter but facial features such as bone structure stay the same.
    ps i have a glass eye i am not looking at camera.. :D

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  10. Do you have a pic, mid time between the two?

    First impression is yes, but an interim piccy would help.

    Check your PMs
  11. hi i have one before..

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  12. I spend my time comparing identity documents and people who hold them and FWIW I don't think it's you in the casualty photo. I can see that your nostrils are very much the same in the two photos that are of you, but the nose of the bandaged casualty is much thinner. But that's just my opinion. If you were one of my 'customers' I'd have to give you the benefit of the doubt!
  13. The noses are too different for it to be the same person in my opinion.

  14. Allow for age, and the fact that the injury is on the "blind side", then add age into the mix!

    Look at the feature line on the RH side as you look.
  15. hi i appreciate the help but the nostrel,,the photo is pretty poor and i dont think you can see the side wall of the nostrel, plus every thing else fits,

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