Facial Hair?

Just a quick Q - what's the score with being in the TA and having facial hair?

I've seen a number of NCO's sporting a big brush, but what about recruits? I'm guessing the "Every recruit must look the same" theory applies and that everyone must be clean-shaven, or am I talking b*llocks? ^_^;

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you are allowed a gay tache but not to grow one while doing your cadre as you will be beasted. It used to be that you could have a beard provided you had written permission from the CO to have one and it was removed for the NBC tests as respirators wont work on any growth over three days as it breaks the seal.

every one should be smooth shaven on the bits not sporting at least two weeks growth when expected to parade in uniform so if you want to get paid you shave and look pretty, if you just want to hang out in jeans and t shirt looking like george michael then turn up but dont sign in.
Essentially if your fitness timings & other assessments are within reason, people will cut you some slack. If you bring attention to yourself by being untidy, (moustache or otherwise) someone is more likley to have a problem with it.
Pioneers were probably exempt as they would probably do more good carrying on during the gas alarm, than standing about wondering what that noise was, their ressie bags would be full of crisps and essentials, nothing useless like a respirator.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all Assault Pioneers are allowed beards. It's some sort of "unwritten rule" that distinguishes them... not sure if there's history behind it or not @.@
You are wrong. The Pioneer Sergeant is/was permitted to grow a beard. On parade he also wears a leather apron and carries an axe.
All ranks within the Army are only allowed to grow a tash, as prevoulsy stated ony Pioneer Sgt's are allowed a beard (for some historic reason). NO other ranks are allowed a beard unless it's is for religious reasons. If you do not fit any of these criterea and you still want full facial fuzz, then join the Grey Funnel Line!

On parade he also wears a leather apron and carries an axe.
Remember being on a parade with 2 Pioneer Sergeants from different regiments, one carried the axe with blade over shoulder and the other with blade in hand. I think they spent the entire time taking the piss out of each other for being wrong.

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