Facial Hair rules for ACF Adults.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by smiffy_the_ferret, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Pro-word: No-Wah!

    I have recently completed my post-graduate degree. Suddenly, I find myself with some time on my hands. I have considered giving my time to a youth organisation for about 5 years now (but I haven't the free time until now). To this end I have answered an Ad in the local paper from the County-ACF asking for adult volunteers.

    I have been invited to an interview in about a fortnight.

    I wear a neatly clipped "chinstrap" beard.

    There are a few reasons for this:
    A) I am pale skinned and dark-haired. This means that I look very "blue chinned" and disreputable due to 5-o'clock shadow almost as soon as I've put the razor down.
    B) My hair is very curly and I get razor-bumps every time I've tried to go clean-shaven.
    C) My wife likes it.

    So my questions are:

    1) Will I get told to naff-off immediately for turning up to interview not clean-shaven?

    2) Would I absolutely have to follow regular-army facial-hair rules if appointed to an ACF-detachment?

    3) Do I have any sensible options both be an adult ACF member and to keep the facial fuzz?
    See a doctor and ask for a note re: razor bumps?
    Claim religious exemption? (I have Jewish roots, but I'm not Orthodox).
    Beg to be appointed Pioneer-Sergeant immediately?

    I'm sorry if I sound like I'm wanting to have my cake and eat it, but losing the beard would be a big step for me.
  2. Join the SCC
  3. Ha ha! Did you notice the No-Wah?

    Let's assume for the purposes of this argument that I don't know nuffin about boats, but feel a bit more confident about aproaching an ACF as I was in a CCF (Army contingent) at boarding school.
  4. It's not a wah

    Queen's Regs are perfectly clear on facial hair.
  5. You're meant to be setting an example. Not just in your appearance but in your attitude, the pathetic attempt at justify looking like a right scruffy **** is not acceptable.

    It appears you are far too immature to take on the responsibility of adolescents.
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  6. I presume with 235 posts to your name, and the pioneer sergeant knowledge, that you are ex-Army?

    Facial hair seems to be about the only thing adults in the ACF do right. Whilst they manage to shave, the majority find it impossible to not appear obese or wear uniform correctly.

    Frankly, I regard them as a worthwhile youth organisation, the same as the Scouts and Guides and that the adults are youth leaders, and nothing to do with the Army. In my mind, it is odd that as a volunteer youth leader, they can tell you to shave.

    So, join and lose the beard, or grow a full beard and join the SCC.
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  7. Why don't you get on your fixie and **** off, you hipster twat.
  8. It's an interview to assist cadets not go on parade with the fecking guards!

    If you after shaving, like myself, look like Simon Weston's uglier brother then you can:

    Don't bother wet shaving at all
    Use an electric razor
    Go to a barber and get a proper shave off them
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  9. Now tell me about the Sikhs?

    Now tell me about the no-shave chits I've heard of on this very forum that deployable personnel seem to get if they have folliculitis barbae traumatica?

    The regulation will have sub-paragraphs delineating it's legal derogations. Fortune favours the prepared mind.
  10. Just **** off you prick. Why do you want to be an AI if you don't want to attain the appropriate standards?

    Do you want to touch young boys?
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  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Well, not to digress the discussion too much, surely being facially hirsute would mean he'd chafe on the thighs of his prospective charges?

    Therefore I deduce through Holmesian deduction that he's probably not that way inclined.
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  12. Are you a Sikh you daft bastard?
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  13. The regulations are there to cover you !

    If you will be spending a considerable amount of time ******* young boys, and lets face it, that is what you joined for then the only evidence to prove your guilt will be stubble rash on their young peachy bottoms.

    Clean shaven AI's will not be grassed up and also may fall into loving relationships with their young charges.
  14. A Sikh is a follower of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion that originated in the 15th century in the Punjab region. The term "Sikh" means disciple, student. A Sikh is a disciple/subject of the Guru.

    Any other bone questions?
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  15. You could always try growing one of these to help out -