Facial hair in Civvy street

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RedcoatGreenjacket, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Chaps what are your experiences of having a Beard at work?
    Does your firm allow this or are there guidelines, my firm does and i have been asked to remove facial hair as it is not the image the Firm wishes to portray!!!!!!!!!!
    Excuse me chaps but i am sure that i am now in Civvy street!

  2. I thought only Peado's have beards.....!!
  3. Tell your firm to get fcuked as you aren't paid by them 24hrs a day. Ask them if it's because they think it makes you look like a Seikh and watch them sh1t themselves.
  4. I was shipwrecked, i had an excuse.......
  5. Unfortunately there is a difference between growing a beard and having it neatly trimmed and just not shaving.

    Is this workplace ban on beard due to h+s regs or something ?
  6. Just tell them it's a result of the hormone treatment prior to your full sex change op! Just watch the necks snap back in trying to avoid the tribunal.

  7. Even if it was the company would have to provide him with a beard net.

  8. No such health and safety regs required here, but i did like the sex change answer very good.
  9. I was asked at an interview at an American shipping company if i would be prepared to shave off my beard.

    They also only allowed their staff to wear white shirts.

    F*ckin 'murkins.
  10. Ha hahahaa superb chaps keep them coming, your comments are much more stinging than Razor burn.
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Well tell them that if thats what they want you will do it , as long as you can shave your legs and wear a skirt to work and they must call you Julie.
  12. Did it work for you biscuits?
  13. Just an afterthought, since eyebrows are facial hair do you have to shave them off too?
  14. Mark in time, that is probably why i looked so strange, mind you the top hat and singing Gay bar probably did not help.
  15. Make a move over to the scruffy world of IT.
    My office doesn’t care what I look like so long as I keep their network ticking over.

    I last shaved Friday and don’t intend to shave again until my next drill night :D

    Oooow hark at me