Facial Armor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Because of the increased risk of airborne fragmentation threats, resulting from improvised
    explosive devices, also known as IED’s, MTek has produced the Predator Facial Armor System Technology, or FAST for short.

  2. How the hell do you fire a rifle (or breathe!) with it on?!
  3. Not bad if you're top cover, but it doesn't exactly look 'condusive to mobility' for anyone else!
  4. That's about as hearts and minds as:
  5. Your face should survive just fine, however, your eyes and brain will be totally bolloxed by your Oakley's flying into your head at the speed of shrapnel! OUCH!

  6. It look's like a nosebag, get yer oat meal block down yer neck 'covertly'.

    Still has it's weak point's, the MK1 eyeball.

  7. The throat looks very exposed, too.
  8. As its American You just point your gat in the general direction & pull the trigger !!!!

  9. Cheer's love, I thought that he was wearing a kevlar headover. 8O :D :lol:

  10. To be fair, the topic-starting picture is the 1st generation heavy duty version for operators of crew-served weapons.

    They have a second generation facial armour for the infantry:


    Big improvement, isn't it??? Think I'll stick with the anti-scratch coatings on my Specsavers glasses instead.
  11. Why has he got Jordan's face thingy on? Doesn't she need it to stop scaring children?
  12. Actually, in saying that......

    The army should look towards building a complete-enclosing helmet system that can protect the face/neck area as well.

    I for one would rather take shrapnel in the chest or lose a leg to an IED than lose half my face to either!
  13. I would prefer to wear that than have my face torn off. Protects against the dust as well god knows if you had an itch.