Faces of Battle - BBC news article

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. IIRC the first episode of 'When the Boat Comes in' featured a chap in the street who wore a bag when outside the house. I wondered then what could be so bad, and have learned since.

    Amazing that more of these guys didn't just top themselves, but that's uncommon valour for you.

    The Victory Parade (or first Armistice Parade?) in Paris was led by Les Grand Blessees (sp?), or the grossly mutilated. A very honest face of war by Johnny Frog
  2. Photo 6 is something else, it looks like he has no jaw at all,

    The was a program on the telly about this doctor a little while ago.

    Gillies Guinea Pigs I think it was called
  3. Was this the guy who performed miracle surgery on facialy disfigured RAF pilots,many of whom had been burned before they managed to clear their aircraft, during WW2?

    Wasn`t there some sort of club they belonged to.....Guinea Pig Club or something similar?
  4. It's mentioned later in the pictures - about 11 i think it was.
  5. read through all of the clips and it mentions it towards the end. :wink:
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Guinea pig club was WW2
    Sir Archibald McIndoe was the surgeon there
    Guinea Pig Club
  7. This artcle is from WW1 Gillies was his name, he taught McIndoh of WW2 fame.

    My other halfs great granddad had his nose shot off in the trenches. The letter that was sent to his wife reads like a parody of stiff-upper-lipness. So British you could wrap it in newspaper and eat it on the way home.
  8. Amazing work by this guy who was the pioneer of work which has saved countless people. And given them back some sort of quality of life then and in all the wars since.
  9. Amazing,simply amazing. I wonder if those who undergo plastic surgery now, realise what they owe to Gillis and McIndoes ilk.
  10. That's the hosptal in East Grinstead, just down the road from me. There's an elderly gentleman who I see in town every so often, he has a burn-scarred face and only stumps for fingers. From this I assume he may have been a WWII airman. What really impresses me, is that he does everything for himself. If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to him.
  11. There's La Chambre des officiers.

    I'm also reminded of Otto Dix's gambling veterans:

    Of the war dead some say age will not wither them. But wounds must be borne. The burnt skin cracks as it ages.
  12. Well... 2nd Lt Henry Ralph Lumley, I shall make a point of placing a cross in the RFC plot in your name. I'm now in tears.