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I think it rather ironic that admist this mass circle jerk about 'walting' that a fair few of the posters are by my understanding ex or current OTC, forgive me if i'm wrong but this a degree of walting is it not. The uniform and the guns but without the danger. Pot kettle black.


having got to page 54 after the best part of a full day on this thread, eaten one of my arms up to the elbow and worked my way through the first bottle of wine in the last hour or so, I have to say I'm close to brain dead but still pissing myself (just). Me thinks some commentators are confusing blokes and bairns that play airsoft with genuine walts who pretend to be soldiers for the purpose of shagging - there is a good deal of confusion on this subject in the threads. Also China White is a very expensive club that is full of sad people pretending to be something they are not or has-beens who used to be something. I've been there - morbid curiosity only on my part. its shite. right. back to page 55............................................


Page 62. Post from Heywood_Jablome is the dogs ******* bollocks. I am still pissing myself. god this is addictive. what a ****** this boy is. Its the airgun. oh ******* hell
Pte_Ray_Sist said:
Check this gob shite;

- Publicly claims he is an ex-sniper.
- MSN recce reveals he claims he had a md from the SBS after seeing 'the horrors' in ganners.
- Also claims he rescued a captured CIA operative in a compound hostage crisis, reckons he got a Congressional Medal of Honour for his service.

Careful now, this shouldn't get out, he requests that it is kept a secret to preserve his anonymity.

Website 1: http://www.myspace.com/something_kajunga
Website 2: http://www.faceparty.com/paulbwfc

Have fun.

Pte. Ray Sist

I THINK i went to schoolw ith him, he was the weird smelly kid with trousers too short, old thin grey socks on show, and a really small tie, looked like it was strangling him
Think someone has drove "Mike Golden" too far :lol:


Think he has a grudge with Sandy the Guvnor :)


"Personal Stats
Wanting to kick da fuk out sandy

Makes me happy
not being a para

Makes me sad
sad ppl in HM Forces sayin im dead ect lol

Perfect Partner
not paras there all guy fake cnuts

Last logged on 22 Nov 2007 at 06:24pm
simmer said:

Found one. Not got the Walt look but one seriously nice boy or sad individual
I thought this thread was about walter mitties, not about genuine squaddies just after a quickie off the net. I know the lad in this profile and he's a good egg, fair play to him if he gets his legover out of it.
You need some spelling lessons first, Never heard of perbrite, Was always Pirbright in my days (1973). Who knows, might have changed the spelling for todays young 'uns.
callum13 said:
Jesus fcuking christ... can someone post the pictures from this link http://mike-goldenpart2.piczo.com/picsofmeonly?cr=2&linkvar=000044 into this thread? its got to be a WAHH of mega proportions of this fella needs to be shot!

Ok will do
Just a quick one top left of this picture
Has he won an award for tick tocking in a nazi style-lee

Edited to ask he's got his pictures protected
why oh why can't we arrange a suitable sting job with one of the arrse girlies? This bloke needs help, either that or his realitie field needs rearranging.

I have the scarey thought we may read about this nutter in the papers.

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