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Discussion in 'NOW That's What I Call ARRSE 1' started by fanboy, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. Looking at the monster my last topic has become, and my very busy PM inbox i feel i need to declare my innocence to ARRSE.
    1)Fanboy is my only account
    2)I do not know any of those other people who have just created or created an account in the past.
    3)As far as i know this Mogz ** is real and has been walting for at least the last week in the chatrooms of faceparty.

    Now who wants to see some more Faceparty walts...............? :twisted:
  2. oooh me me me!

    (hope he doesnt find mine :E )
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  3. I want you to roll in wet tarmac, pour petrol over your chavmong head then chuck yourself off Tower Hamlets with a sparkler in your teeth.
  4. Fanboy,

    I think it has now become your civic duty to out as many walts as poss. Bites are good.
  5. Here you are..........

    Soldier1 .........have a look at his website

    Soldier2 ..........some para wannabe i think?
  6. Soldier 1 - Para reg since 15. My my....... Don't think even junior leaders take 'em that young?
  7. missed this one...

    three years in iraq? impressive! wonder if he's got his Telic medals yet ...
  8. soldier 2 has been shot in the bum
  9. I know two personally that hit the 22 year point at 37/38, one came out in '84 and the other next year. Used to be a regular thing for the JPs to send young tearaways down the recruiting office to "straighten them out" or introduce them to the dark side or something like that.
  10. soldier 1 para since 15 ,3yr tour of iraq no pics of him as a para ?
    Soldier 2 19 yr old lcpl in paras yet his pic shows him wearing a non para beret ? even I could make a better walt site in fact i might do :) .
  11. The picture of Soldier 2 looks like it was taken in Az Zubaya Port
  12. They're both invited to the party.
  13. i didn't realise a basic grasp of english was optional - maybe i'm just an old fart but i hope all the lovely ladies who read these blogs don't think all in our line of work have the same standard of literacy as these 2 walt muppetmongs
  14. [​IMG]


    is this real;

    ang on, he's been in since he was 15? and now hes 20? That number looks suspciously close to mine, and I certainly havent been "in" for 5 years o_O
  15. Now, now Mongoose - the green-eyed monster is showing! :roll: :D

    Edited to add: If that is real, he shows a remarkable grasp of persec! 8O