Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wasonceacrab, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if a repost, but I thought you lads should be onto this....


    Obviously I don't condone violence of any sort, however if I see one of these c*nts wearing one of these t-shirts anywhere near me, they'll get banjoed.

    Utter lowlife of the highest order. :x
  2. If these new laws about discriminating aainst the armed forces come into being, can idiots like this get away with this crap? I'm all for freedom of speech but this bloke is talking rubbish. I understand they may not agree with current campaigns but they should be having a go at Bush, Bliar and Broon not the humble soldier.
  3. "Are you a free thinker......."
    Then wear a tee shirt with this slogan, go to this place and do what we tell you.
    Is the irony lost on these toss pots?
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Check with plod but the telecoms act should cover this as should the harrassment one.
  5. For some unknown reason Facebook won't let me view their pages. Is it possible to give me a clue on what is being said?
  6. How about this little lot for starters;

    Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
    Does the thought of hero worshiping our armed forces make you want to vomit your spleen out?
    Are you a free thinker who is fed up of being told that soldiers deserve constant gushing praise?
    Stand up to these killer sheep and show members of the armed forces what you really think of them and their participation in needless bloodshed.


    All you will need is:
    * A white T-Shirt – Any one will do
    * A phrase of protest such as the following to have printed on your shirt:


    "Peterborough 2008: I was there"

    "Soldiers are not heroes, footballers are"

    "Proud not to murder civilians for a living"

    "Everyone knows soldiers are best covered in egg"

    "How to scare a squaddie... Give him a spelling test"

    "Don't be a fool, don't sign up!"

    ... You could put all sorts on there.

    The Idea is that we all get our t-shirts printed then on : ******* Bank Holiday Monday 25th August ******
    We all don our shirts and smugly toddle off out for the day in them.

    If you want to take part you don't have to do anything else but get the T-shirt and wear it all day... MASS protest and any one can do it... Alll you are doing is being seen publicly denouncing these mass murderers.

    How good would it feel to mosey on down your high street and see loads of other people going about their business and still taking part in a silent, peaceful yet effective protest?

    May i suggest that we keep it uniform (pun not intended) and all use the same or similar font/colour to print our message so that you instantly recognise your fellow free-thinker on the street. Will post some ideas ASAP.

  7. Some cunch of bunts started a group "Soldiers Are Not Heroes" or similar sh1te, and want feeble minded individuals to make and wear t-shirts slagging off the military on a given date.

    Edit: Damn, skintboymike beat me to it.
  8. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    What an arrsehole!!!! Have msg facebook to ask this shit be removed
  9. Ahem, why don't we find out the date, get some white t-shirts with "Outraged" on, and kick the shite out of them?

    Just a minor question, of course.
  10. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hate to steal your thunder mate but this group has been flagged up on here already. There are now more pro Army infiltrators than original protesters in the group. There is also a group called something like "Soldiers are not heroes, If you object to this group join" which again has well over a thousand members.
    It great to hear the hippies/liberal/shits whine.
  11. Well as a civilian with no military links, I must say I am ashamed that there is such total ,tossers, w8nkers and evil cnuts as this. Should I see any of them on a high street I might walk, they will need to watch out. And can I say from my circle of friends.......we support totally our military in every endeavor they carry for Queen and country. And have our love and thanks.
  12. Why don't we as community, join this band of Dicksplats and muller them on their own boards, it would fold within a week, I have just joined and posted my opinion of them, not that it will stay on there but think of the slagging they will get, :D ahhhh happy days are here again
  13. I gripped some anti forces cork in the pub the other day, he was quite a big chap but i had my friendly jack russell psychopath with me who could see i was getting radged, matey nearly had a facefull of him! People like this make me feel sick, perhaps they want to live under sharia law eh, find em all and ship em out. Lets face it the country is on brink of revolution or at least mass action anyway, all us that want to stay and be proud should rally them up and stick em on a boat, tick tick bang, oooopsy !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The original thread can be viewed here


    I have added the picture of the wanker who started the thread and an interesting fact about his girlfriend?

    I have lodged a complaint with the facebook admin and accused them of supporting a group that is inciting public disorder offences and hate crimes.
  15. This Dent guy is seriously out of touch with reality, they all are, they make up some pretty revolting crimes and claim they were commited by soldiers, soley to support their warped veiws of reality.