Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by StabTiffy2B, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. After starting this thread: http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=73627.html

    I had a look at Faceparty and Myspace to determine their suitability for scoring with hot chicks. To be honest, after looking at some chavvy profiles (which made my eyes bleed from too much text speak about their single parent lives), I got bored and went back to wanking myself into oblivion.

    I hadn't heard of Facebook until one of my mates told me I should register on it as it's a "grown up version of Myspace, et al". This is where I'll take a slight detour from the thread:

    I registered and then clicked straight onto my profile to start imputting info, etc. Already sat there and waiting was an 'Arrse Maiden' wanting to be my friend. Now to say this freaked me out is an understatement. I know that I'm devilously handsome and an absolute charmer but the stalker rating this bird was giving off was off the chart. She shall have the privilidge of remaining nameless but that's only because I'm scared she'll send me more pictures of her hairy flange being penetrated by a whisk.

    Back to the thread:
    I had a quick look about. Found a few mates and sent them requests to 'be their friend'. The seach bit is really shit and some searches churned up 800 odd results.

    After being on there for about quarter of an hour, I lost interest. You can't look at profiles of slutty women with their clothes off unless you're their mate.

    So, who here is on Facebook and can anyone enlighten me as to what the point of it is?
  2. I'm on it, but don't use it much. Seems to be a timewaster and I don't need that. Not when I've got this site.
  3. Go on Bebo instead then! You can browse all sorts of profiles, and dirty sluts. Or generally annoy the 13yr old, pro IRA, lads from Donnegal etc.
  4. Its vaguely entertaining if you actually have friends Stab
  5. I am on it. It's ok for me as I don't live near my hometown andhavent for years, so it's an amusing way of looking up my old schoolfriends and laughing at them.
  6. I'm on Facebook. Its ok really. The search is shite but I have found a couple of old schoolmates and a few people I worked with ten years ago. There are a couple of good functions on there where you can challenge your mates to pick the football winners each week but there is also a lot of shite. Apparently i have been bitten by a zombie! I just fcuk them off
  7. It can be a good resource for keeping in touch with friends that you would otherwise would have lost contacting with, or for linking up with old school friends. To be honest there is a lot of time wasting stuff on there such as zombies, vampires, pirates ninjas all sorts of crap. Just keep hitting deny.

    It's a sign of the times though when I picked up a girl last time I was out in town and she would only give me her facebook details rather than her phone number!
  8. You just reminded me some c0ck used my email address when he signed up for Bebo. I hijacked his account and never got around to messing it up for him. . . . . . . . . . . .


    I have just checked the account and some bint wants to make contact, she writes like a right spacker!

    "hey im lauren i like 2 go shopping and do stuff like that im a model and am going 2 neyork soon i also do gymnastiks doing flips and things i enjoy walking and running cause i do a lot of that in gym i love my dogs and the rest of my animals i like 2 do stuff on my cell all the time and talk 2 ppl on it i love 2 ride my golfcart and jump on my trampoline and thats about me"
  9. So the main point is to see what old school friends are doing? Isn't that the same as Friends Re-united though?

    Surely if I was interested in the pondlife from my school, I'd have kept in contact in the first place?

    I'm still lost.
  10. Facebook.... I tried it out for a few minutes (more out of curiosity after it came up in the MOD Police bulletin - you do not want to know why and I hastily closed my account).

    Further investigation revealed that... Facebook accounts can be hacked and a small trojan placed which will follow the originators IP and pass through certain firewall settings.

    How this works I do not know and to be honest doesn't really interest me BUT I am interested in keeping my files, banking and mails safe.

    I checked with my nephew (a net whizz at herriot watt uni doing some odd stuff) and Capital one sent an 'in-house' warning about the accesability of virus and trojan programmes via facebook.

    I therefore chose to desist from using the place, looked at BEBO and similar places as I was looking for such a site to host my web-blog and found some better sites.
  11. It's so you can keep track of people on the fringes of your social circle, staying 'friends' without having to spend time with them- jolly useful.

    Also functions as an office-based, time-delay-acceptable version of texting mates. And looking at photos of your girlfriend's sister.

    There's even an arrse facebook group, but it's shite.
  12. Thanks Rumplesttilkskin. Taking each point in turn:

    Er...why is this useful?

    Not on DII fella.

    How do I join that then? Can I look at pictures of fit birds on it?
  14. It's an ARRSE facebook group....so they arent any fit birds on it.
  15. I seem to remember you have rather nice jubblies. Are you in it?