Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by amazing__lobster, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I've started an Arrse Facebook group - I'm not sure how popular it will be, or how many Arrsers are indeed on Facebook.

    To try and keep Per Sec, I've made the wall and stuff visable to members only... and to become a member, you have to be accepted by the group administrater... although, to tell the truth searching for British Army on Facebook brings up about 400 names, anyway...

    Oh yeah - to find it, just search for "Arrse".

  2. A__L,

    There are quite a few Arrsers on Facebook already but I'm not sure on joining the Arrse group on the grounds of persec.

    That's of course if you've got nothing to hide...

    BTW, for those Arrsers who don't know what Facebook is, it's another Social Website like MySpace, Bebo etc etc but without a massive influx of chavs. Yet.
  3. Want to place bets on that matelot? Most of my old grade school chums have turned chav/chavette and they are on facebook.
  4. it's gonna be quiet. lobster sat in the corner, rocking and dribbling and mumbling to himself :)
  5. Is it compulsory to be a peado like on Myspace and Bebo?
  6. :D No it isn't, but it does help!
  7. Even the other ARRSE (All Rainbow Riders Scooter Enterprise) has three members.
  8. Ohhhh it's gone now...
  9. No, it's back - I was just trying to hide the group ID to non-members, but it's not possible...you just have to be invited now... so I don't think it will take off : /

    Oh well, at least I tried!

    BTW - I can't believe that even Savoys has a Facebook group! For those who don't know, Savoys is a dodgy nightclub in Paderborn that most of the garrison used to end up in at the end of a night out.

    edited to say: and even Cheeks has a group on there!
  10. Good to try though A_L
  11. Bennet - I take it you're also in the London network!
  12. Nah my uni one. I think the links must change to your network.
  13. Oh, ok - it's just I had a look at the group members of that group and there is somebody called Bennet in the London network (and Chester uni).
  14. Ahh, Facebook, for armchair stalkers everywhere.