Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by annie1969, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. At the top of the page when i log in it says, connect with Facebook. If you connect with Facebook does that mean you lot can access my Facebook, if not what does it mean?
  2. Afraid it does, and you've got some very interesting stuff and frends.
  3. Yes and all your friends can see your ramblings on here. You could always tweet about it.
  4. Oh and it's more a question for site issues, maybe a kindly moderator could move it.
  5. Can't do twitter, way to confusing
  6. Im glad you enjoyed them
  7. If only. I've nearly accidentally clicked it several times
  8. I don't think Jarrod was inferring that a moderator would move the 'Facebook' button.

    However, it doesn't matter whether you click on the button or not. Merely hovering over it is sufficient to initiate a hit on the site that reveals your details to all. I've complained about this before but nothing seems to get done. Ended up having to completely delete my Facebook records.
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  9. Oh dear. How would i know if id done this?
  10. Hehe somebody is pulling your leg a little. Although considering this is arrse, the fact thats all thats getting 'pulled' is a blessing for public decency :p

    Would have to click the connect button and then in the new window select Log in with FB. I'm just too nice to mess with the special members this early in the afternoon :drool:
  11. Will i ever learn ha ha ha
  12. Mainly because all of a sudden 'interesting' people on FB would be sending friend requests who have profile photos showing a naked person in a mankini and respirator :p
  13. We hope not. Purely for the comedy and amusement you bring :cool:
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  14. Aww special member! why do i think this isn't a compliment
  15. I'll watch out for that then