Some utility but in general detest the way these social networking sites are used. However, this is a positive!

Facebook: Manning Up

"It is, as it's name suggests, an essential component of manhood, although it is by no means limited to those of the male gender. The opposite of "Manning up" is most similar to what is often called "being a b***h about [object]", and with said censored word also meaning "a dog of the female persuasion", it is also given the connotation of femininity, despite not being limited to a specific gender, not unlike "manning up".

Some examples of instances where "Manning up" would be beneficial:
Minor Injuries
Some (Most) Severe Injuries
Minor discomfort due to temperature
A Lack of Desire to Get Something Done
Exercise Proving to be Difficult
Coping With Tragedy"
parahopes said:
true, but your a t!t for advertising your group on here. sod off.
Your right, your awesome thread about squirrels was much better.
Oooh Squirrels
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