Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Morticia, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. :x I'm sorry but I have to have a moan. I am a woman and as such it is my right :D
    There is a a complete and utter tit on Facebook (a friend of a friend)that is driving me insane. He hates soldiers, calls them murderers and says that soldiers serving in Afghanistan should not get the respect that any veteran from WW1 & WW2 gets.

    Actually this is a snippet of his vile drivel : 'So every time one of those fuckers gets a bullet in his head or blown to a thousand pieces i smile. i smile when it happens to the bullys killing innocent people, not too much unlike the people in your family.'

    I have no idea why I'm posting here, other than to say if I could reach inside this bloody computer and drag that shit from his arse I would.
    My father, husband, brother, uncles and so on and so on have all served with the British army. And I am extremely proud of that fact. It's a shame others aren't.
    Rant over.
  2. Don't let it get to you, he is just another internet hardman.

    msg him back that if he has such a problem with the army in Afghan that he is free to get on a plan to pakistan cross the border and take up his problems with them face to face.
  3. Yeah, I know you're right, but I can't help wanting to rip his face off.
  4. There is plenty of his type about. I have given up arguing with them and come to the conclusion that they were dropped on the head repeatedly as a child. Either that or they just want the attention, like the Trolls on this site.
  5. I love killing innocent people. Raping children is up there on my "high ranking" list also :roll:
  6. Merely doing God's work...

    Matthew 19:14: Jesus said, "Suffer little children....."

    I always though that Facebook was an internet dating site for paedophiles, anyway.
  7. just ignore him, i was always told you can never win an argument with and idiot or a drunk.
  8. Yes you can and if you want we can go outside to sort this :twisted:
  9. 10 - 1 he's a middle class student lefty.
  10. Reminds me of the time my friends step-father told me i was going to become a steroid boosted killing machine, I was going to have to spend days with out sleep on civilian ships.. Aparently..

    He knew so much about the Marines coz he's a diplomat or something :p
  11. Morticia, Its a sad fact on t'internet that there are real tossers who hide behind a made up identity and post argumentative drivel.

    Anyway enough about that whats a good looking girl like you doing posting on a ruffy-tuffy Army Web Site, you are good looking aren't you?

    Feel free to post a link to your Facebook page and then maybe we can help you out, do you have any good photos on there by any chance.

    keep your chin up and smile for the camera
  12. Simple surely? Delete him as a 'Friend' and report his output to Facebook using the tabs. Change your 'Privacy' thing to exclude him in person or only be contactable by 'Friends Only'. Failing all that, just ignore the cnut - he'll only be doing it to get a rise out of folk (are you sure he's not Chinooksdad or one of a dozen or so toss-pots from Arrse?). He's clearly a loser, if people don't react to him he'll mong off to another swamp...... hopefully. Good luck, but don't for fcuk's sake let it get you down - 'this' is not the real world.
  13. Morticia

    just remember

    "Its hard to have a battle of wits with someone whos unarmed"

    Forget him, another idiot screaming for attention.
  14. Now on to the more serious stuff...
    Pics, now, if you don't mind ;)
  15. Link him up with Sluggie, that'll larn 'im.