FACEBOOK- WALT says he was Ex-SAS

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pvtePile, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. I was playing poker on facebook, when this fellow was being a racist git so I challenged him. He then says I should fear for my life because he was in the army for 12 years. Further more, he says he was in the sas. I copied his picture down and the conversation. He lives in Manchester.. think he gave his first four.. what shall I do about him?

    what shall we do?
  2. how do I do that if its saved to my computer and not on a website?
  3. Is that ethical? He's probably got black nasty on anyway.

    Oh, and if he is a looker, you can step aside.............
  4. post his piccy, i live in manchester, i can pass it around see who 'might' of heard of him
  5. Go on Post reply then add attachment at the bottom and browse for the file.
  6. think thats what you meant sluggy xxxx
  7. [​IMG][/URL][/img]
  8. Type his name into facebook and his picture comes right up. It makes him look like he went to special school though, so he may just be insane rather than an actual walt.

    Edit: beaten to it.
  9. HIM? yeah right! ask him the colour of the boat house :)
  10. Sixty

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    Um, if 0121 is his first four does that not mean he joined up around the time of Waterloo?
  11. He left in a hurry when I said I'd bring charges against him... the Idiot.
  12. I searched for him on Face book - he's very young.

    He was probably pissed and will now regret it. If he maintains his position in the cold light of day then maybe he should hauled up. He hasn't really done any harm though, other than being a gobby web-mong.
  13. never mind just asked him myself. :)
    who declares them self as ex SAS on facebook...one of the most vulnerable sites in existence ????? :?
    waiting for a reply.
  14. cant tell, you have to be a "friend" to view his profile...
  15. Well, I shall leave that for you all to decide.