Facebook - Virtual Police to crack down on virtual crime

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Feb 26, 2011.

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  1. I realy dont get how people can be bullied on line on things like facebook, i mean its not as if their having some one scream in their face on a playground if some one abuses them online the solution is simply delete friend or even premtivly not accepting a friend request from someone you dont like. but thats common sense and the goverment dosent do that so i bet these things become the onlie equivelant of ASBO's if their even allowed to give them

  2. or just sign out surely?
  3. another good point its a shame civil servants and planners lack the common sense to come up with plans that dont involve lots of money, imagine the TV ad campaighn 'Bulied on Facebook, Sighn out dip SH*T' narated by gene hunt or whatever the actors actual name is.

    An Ex of mine delted me from her facebook friends when we broke up and i ran into her during the summer and she expected me to be ruined i think by the fact she'd done so but in reality i hadn't noticed in the 2 years we'd been broken up, to be fair to me though i didnt check her page when we were dating anyway. which i think upset her a bit.
    All Facebooks their for is finding out when and where the next nights outs gonna be and the next morning who ended up where and posting pictures of drunken exploits!
  4. Or for the poor bullied precious dears to remember : 'IT'S JUST THE F**KING INTERNET! IT'S NOT REAL!'

    Having said that, does this means ARSSE's favourite NAFFI pastime of dead chav baiting is now off the agenda?
  5. I don't think this is very enforceable... they may well be able to trace the account owner and IP address but how do you prove who was actually physically sitting behind the keyboard at the time? I see cases of "frape" or "facebook rape" amongst my 'friend list' every day showing that people often wander away and leave their accounts logged on... at the mercy of their mates who then have no end of fun.

    One notable instance was where a guys political views were changed to BNP and the frapist wrote loads of racist statuses... When I saw it I had a fair idea of what had happened as I knew the guy pretty well and it was very out of character - when he finally got control of his account again he had lost over half his friends and had an inbox full of hate mail.

    I am not a computer whizz at all but correct me if I'm wrong a household with one broadband hub and 5 computers all connecting wirelessly off the same hub - do they all have the same IP address? If so, how do you prove which computer it was and thats before you get to the issue of who it physically was.

    As one of the comments underneath the article says, it won't be long before people start receiving faked police notices from people.
  6. If you resist will they beat you with cyber batons and blind you with cyber spray?
  7. It's Matthew Frickers fault if he'd not nicked that micra .....
  8. At the age of 45 I got caught out by lack of persec (and probably lack of sense) on FB which left me honestly seriously unsettled.

    I had a friend who was a bit of an animal rights activist, and I saw a comment she made on a photo of a Chinese guy, a 'street performer' who had a small Monkey severely restrictivly tied up. I read some of the hundreds of comments, a lot of them being calls to castrate the fella, find him and kill him slowly, all animal abusers need to be tortured and then killed as painfully as possible, one person even said she wished the human race would be wiped out by nuclear war so the animals could live in peace...some seriously mental stuff!

    I commented on the photo too, along the lines of "not nice, but I have worked in China, I know how poor the Chinese are, and this, right or wrong was the guys livelihood, coupled by a general lack of human rights let alone animal rights its not an issue that can be dealt with so easily, its just a sad fact of life, and really calls for torturing and murdering people or Nuclear holocaust was perhaps going a bit too far"

    Jesus I would have expected less of a violent reaction had I wandered into mothercare and suggested that buggering babies should be made a legal hobby! there were then calls for my death, my castration etc etc etc, even when some of the less nuttier activists spoke in my defence after all killing humans because a mokey is tied up and beaten is a bit ******* mental, they were 'turned on' too as disgusting traitors!

    Now all internet banter, however vitriolic, not a problem just sign off and say Jeez there some loons on this planet. Next time I was on facebook (I had an open profile at the time) there were all sorts of messages of hatred etc etc in my inbox,...no problem just wierdos, But someone warned me off about a certain' lunatic' in the USA whose daughter was alledgedly a Psychiatrist, Now at the time my newborn son had been undergoing treatment for a serious heart condition, and I had photos of him and my missus in hospital etc etc This womans daughter had 'diagnosed' by my comments that I was undoubtedly abused as a child and am probably abusing my baby boy, and that she had notiifed the authorities in the US to flag my name if I ever enter the US, and had friends in the UK who could do the same!

    I'll admit I was well unsettled, child abuse allegations are something that you cant treat lightly as all it takes is some do-gooder in a child care department to write your name down on some file and that potentially could be it!

    First thing persec is extremely ******* important even if you think it is just your mates looking at your profile. Secondly big mistake putting my boy on my profile. Even though I am 1000% proud of him...once again you never know who's looking. Of course it didnt take me long to realise that what this woman was writing was complete bullschitt, but when it comes to my son's safety, you never ******* know how serious something is or not!

    Now imagine that I am not 45, but 12 or 13 how unsettling will an immature child take some of the things that may be written about them? We all know it is easy to delete an e-mail, or block a person, but christ even here on arrse people get wound up and abusive, I even had someone yesterday say they despise me for something that I had written (sad ******!) but we as adults can take it! children cant, and unfortunately they do need some protection from their own inability to just turn the computer off!
  9. They'd better pray that the Virtual Police catch them before I do. My avatar is absolutely no one to trifle with.
  10. Can't really disagree with that...

    Of course, the threats to smear you as a child-abuser were well out of order. I also hope you son made a full recovery.
  11. Yes he did thanks mate, major open heart surgery at 3 months old is absolutely terrifying for a parent, and I guess I was still a bit blown away by it all to be fully aware of how seriously mental some people out there on in the www can be!

    Had it been just comments about me, even death threats I dont take it seriously...but when your family are involved it does make you think a bit more about it. And dont forget when it comes to facebook, kids have been stabbed to death in the UK over 'facebook slurs' and kids have committed suicide over cyber bullying, part of me thinks exactly the same as some of the comments, just turn the ******* computer off, but I guess for some kids it isnt as easy as that poor *******!
  12. I have to say there are some people out there who will go to great extremes to contact and abuse people. Sometimes the delete friend/security settings aren't enough. The former Mr Boozys ex kept sending me hate mail via fb... my profile is set to the highest security level with just the add as friend and send a message buttons.

    The first thing I did was remove my "send a message" button leaving just my picture and the add button on public display.

    Then when she realised she could no longer hassle me she added me. I rejected this and reported her which means she can no longer add me, the most she can see is my picture.

    Job Jobbed I thought.

    Then a few weeks ago I got a message from her again about a month after I thought I had sorted it. She had worked out that if she went to her sentbox and found the original messages she sent me, she could use the reply box in the message to send me more.

    Just proves what a fcuking psycho she is to go to all that effort just to send me a message which she knows I will not respond to. I never react or respond.

    Sometimes though I am dying to let rip and tear her to pieces, but as I am mature enough to control myself I don't give her the satisfaction of reaction. The same can't be said of her, I have a good 4 years on her in terms of age plus she is rather immature for her age (19) anyway.

    I can imagine that if this was happening ten years ago it would have devolved into an all out bitch war by now and I can see how kids might let it get to them - especially if the antagoniser is as fanatically persistent as this **** targeting me.


    geo7863 I'm glad your son made it through ok, must have been a tough time for you all without all that fb crap.