Facebook Two. Should there be an appeal against sentence?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Two men have been sentenced to four years in jail for using Facebook to incite a riot.

    I just wonder if there are grounds for appealing this sentence. They will actually be out in two years. Two years in prison for inciting a riot seems excessive lenient to me. I think the CPS should appeal especially when you consider the mayhem caused recently. Murder, arson, robbery and theft where committed during these disturbance. Lets have sentences that reflect the seriousness of the crimes not secession of chocolate rations.
  2. Given the fact the riot didn't actually happen....

    Google the Luton homecoming parades, some of the placards carried were far more inciteful (murder, treason, serious assault etc) as far as i recall no charges were ever brought...as much as i fully support good law and order, i disagree with these sentaences.

    Neither of the guilt party has previous, unlike a scrote from Manchester who had 62 previous offences who only received a 10 month suspended sentence...
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  3. the idea that you can get 4 years for talking bollocks on the internet seems pretty harsh to me. most of this site should get locked up if you follow the argument far enough.

    they said no one turned up, did they even turn up or did they get nicked before?
  4. TBH, I'm surprised they got even that long. And I don't see the ****'s Protection Service appealing on the grounds of it being too lenient; more likely the Facebook 2 will appeal against the sentence being too harsh. And I would'nt bet against them getting a reduction in sentence.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They should be let off because they failed in their attempt to cause murder and mayhem on the streets? No. Attempting to commit a crime should be treated as seriously as succeeding.

    When you say that they have no 'previous' what you mean is they have not been caught before.

    I agree with you about the leniency of other sentences.

  6. The sentences are right and proper but.......

    Luton threatened the little peoples lives, the Riots threatened the big peoples lives.

    As long as the crime is only affecting the 'little people', Politicians are perfectly happy to see soft sentencing.
  7. They should count themselves lucky, they could have got 10 years and if they'd been charged and convicted of conspiracy.... life. :)
  8. The fact that these two have already been labelled "The Facebook Two" tells me all I need to know. And the liberals/left wonder why we have riots, when they do all they can to reduce the sanctions available.
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  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  10. What are the actual rioters getting?
  11. That's for damn sure.:shakefist:

    If a few politicians had been killed, the Army would have been put on the streets with ROE that would make a Waffen SS veteran's eye's water.:shock:

    Oh, well. Better luck next time...:plotting::twisted:
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  12. If they put smileys at the end of their posts, then it's harsh but if they posted in CAPITAL LETTERS then the sentence is a little lenient ....

    p.s. .... depends on the posts they made. People can be extremely neurotic over the internet
  13. This will result in an appeal and release, and no doubt a sizeable compensation claim. It will be the first of many such appeals.

    Pretty poor judgement by the judge, and as somebody has peviously said, it would appear that if posting shite on the 'net is now an indictable offence we're all in trouble.

    I would like to see parity with a clamp down on the many fundamental islamists routinely posting and calling for an overthrow of democracy...
  14. As far as I know few people will be convicted of rioting/ have been charged with rioting, most for burglary and violent disorder, mainly I feel because the Police have to pick up the damage tab for damage caused during riots.

    4 years seems mighty harsh for the offences, especially if it was just a comical gesture and not serious, though some reports have suggested than one of the offenders attended the meeting place, but no one else turned up.