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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairycakes, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. I always wondered what Ashie was planning, when not spreading the good word here.

    Party in Trafalgar square on the day Margaret Thatcher kicks the bucket.

    Giles Osborne One of the great things about this site is that there are no Tory numpties here to disrupt what are very interesting and worthwhile discussions. One of the problems on other sites is the number of Tory idiots who come along, insult us and post utter shite.

    There is nothing the Thatcher 'government' could have done to make it plainer that we had no interest than it did if it had laid a red carpet all the way From Buenos Aires to Port Stanley. It announced plans to cut the Navy strength by 1/3 in summer 1981, it announced it was going to withdraw o...ur naval presence in the South Atlantic, it declared that the UK had 'no strategic interest' in the Falklands, and I have also been informed by a former Tory that the 'government' was negotiating with the Argentinians to hand over the Falklands... until 2 weeks before the invasion.

    The Falklands war was unnecessary if the Government had been half competent and managed things properly, as Jim Callaghan did just a few years before, when in response to Argentinian sabre rattling he dispatched a nuclear sub to the area and informed Buenos Aires that he had done so. Result; no invasion, no lives lost, a job properly done... and no electoral glory for Jim.Read more

    Robert Bryan And the Argentinians wouldent even have invaded, had she not pulled out the RN destroyer that was patroling the area a couple of years before! To save money! look that up as well!

    Giles Osborne
    Giles Osborne Illegal wars? Hmm. 1, 000 people died in a war which was not necessary, a war she launched at a time when her 'government' was negotiating with Argentina to hand the Falklands over, just to save her own skin?

    Seedy, cheap, disdainful of human life... that's our Maggie and her 'policies'.

    The woman is a loony right winger, who led the most extreme and damaging Government since 1945.

    Clark James Mitchell yay another insane pro thatcherite to tell us how he knows she was good for the country because his friends at the polo club tell him that since she left power they have had to stop hunting foxes! I like them they make me smile! Come on andy tell us more about how good she is! Were all ears! I haven't mentioned pinochet yet have i?

    Johnny Gray
    the falklands war was a cynical war for votes to boost the tories flagging opinion poles.

    Thatcher played with peoples lives her entire career...whether she was a bakers daughter or not...shes still cut from the same cloth as Blair and cameron and boris johnson and all those scumbags in the city banks ...

    They think th...ey are the elite...they think they are better than us .....when in reality they are societies and humanities biggest failures...unless of course you consider Money to be the sole indicator of a person's value.Read more

    Robert Bryan
    A lot more socialists (like me) were marching against that war than right wing greedy, stupid self serving, horrible little people like you Andrew! And incidently do you think your mrs Thatcher wouldent have gone to war? If so why?? And secondly i would think very few people in this group are new Labour, but i will tel...l tell you what they did do, minimum wage, family tax credits, sure start, NHS waiting lists down, more kids from working class backgrounds in further education, new schools built, they are just a few of many things! What exactly did Thatcher do for this country? Remind us? I look forward to hearing from you, as you ard well out of your depth with us sunshine!
  2. I think you will be in for a surprise.
  3. crap thread
  4. Under New Labor.... how many more of the underclass of kids are leaving school who are not only illiterate, write essays and speak the same way as they 'Text' on mobile phones.... but can't count and will probably be unemployable. More generations of potential Baby Fathers, Teen Mothers, Crims, Chavs, Doley Scroungers, Dope Dealers, Alkies, Junkies, Thieves, Shop Lifters....

    The Dumbing Down of society. This Labour government has much to anwser for..... illegal wars..... incompetence by the bucket load.... bullshite turned into a high art form.... government lies turned into a science.... :roll:

    The day McClown and his Psuedo-Marxist-Leninist Powered Freaks are kicked out, that is the day I will go and buy myself a new baseball cap.... I lost the last one on a bus.... so I have promised myself to buy a new one with 'F*ck Off' written on it...... :p
  5. In my clouded eyes Margaret Thatcher can do no wrong but I'm willing to bet there is some truth in this argument as all Politicos seem to forget the lessons of history as far as the armed forces are concerned. We will always have major cuts just when we don't need them and we will always have to just scrape by.

    That is unless a hard line, extremist government with large military ambitions gets into power any time soon.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They are whining about the 4 million unemployed. Un der the current socialist crowd there are a bloody site more people not working.
  7. Wont be able to keep an eye on MPs expenses then.
  8. Trouble is that from the baby fathers, chavs, shoplifters etc are coming the 19, 20 and 21 year olds who are fighting and dying in Afghanistan. The Armed Forces we are told, are civilians in uniform and we draw our forces from the population and society we live in. Or did you imagine that all soldiers are well educated, crime free, have-two-parents home life? I would like to think that a lot do, but there are those who rather than go on the dole and scrounge join up. Good on them they do, but is their motive to fight and die for Queen and Country, or to get a well paid job with the thought in the back of their mind that we might have to fight and die?
  9. I would like to think that on joining they start the process of leaving their previous life behind them and realise actually how good life can be if you put in a bit of effort...
  10. It's a sad indictment of a society that would gleefully look forward to speaking ill of the dead. Set of cnuts.

    Amen to that.
  11. Snozzer, trouble is if you saw the files that go across my desk youd realise that some of them don't.
  12. It is early, I think I might still have been in dream mode...
  13. The Army will give many the chance to change their circumstances and it will broaden their horizons. However, it is up to the individual how much use they makes of the confidence and skills that serving can bring.
    There are those who never quite fully make the change into Service mode and I suspect they are the ones who fail to make full use of the opportunities presented to them. There are also those who have become traumatised and dysfunctional through service who cannot, by reason of their service advance themselves as much as they might like. That so many are willing to join the Services and get out of their current circumstances shows that there is always hope and that whole generations cannot all be classed the same.
  14. New thread suggestion, is fairy cakes a t1t?

    How on earth can you come on here and moan about the Tory’s starting an 'illegal war'?

    Errrrr, Iraq? Afghanistan? 1000 people killed in the Falklands. If the Stop the War loonies are to be believed that was a good day in Iraq.

    At least there was a population down there very pleased to see us turn up and stay. Especially given Argentina’s rather iffy record at the time with regards to human rights.

    There was no plan to give up the Falklands, largely due to the alleged mineral/oil deposits underneath. Try reading some literature not funded by labour/socialist worker/students for communism. It’s called a balanced view.

    I do agree that john nott was a total t1t. So fair point. But after that pay etc was vastly improved for the Armed forces.
  15. And let's not even start on New Labour's Social multi-cultural immigration experiment...

    I hate that phrase with a vengeance. :roll: