Dear All,

Last year I got involved with the services charity Combat Stress, the ex-services mental welfare society by cycling from John O Groats to Lands End. Some of you reading this note may remember seeing some posts.

This year I have started a serious campaign to help this charity as much as possible and am organising various high profile events to raise awareness and funds but also most importantly to attract a new generation ofsupport.

On the 12th October we held our launch party to these events at Aragon House in Parsons Green, London. John Peters the former RAF pilot who was captured in the first Gulf gave one of the most moving talks I have ever heard and we had several actors/actresses and well known military figures attending. We raised £5,680 for the charity.

As a part of these ongoing events I have a page on facebook under the heading "support for Combat Stress" and I would welcome any members from arrse, who are on facebook, to come and join this site.

We will be organising further events and information will be posted on the facebook page.

With many thanks in advance,

Nicholas Harrison

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