Facebook Status: Oops I'm nicked.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by steven seagull, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Did a Murderer Just Give Himself Away on Yelp? | VICE United Kingdom

    Time after time you see folk getting into trouble with Social Media but this one is a corker.

    Basically a young woman goes missing and a thread starts on Yelp. The missing woman's flatmate joins the thread and proceeds to poor his heart out about how much he misses her and loves her......all in a past tense. Someone points this out and gets flamed for it.

    The flatmate continues to post increasingly odd dribble until the woman's body is discovered two weeks later and he's arrested.

    The best bit of the story is the person that first pointed outhe was talking in a past tense pops back up on the thread to pat themselves on the back and gloat in proper internet Columbo stylee.

  2. if this had been me, even if it had been my granny that had been claw hammered to death, i would find it impossible to stop myself being smug as ****.

    "i ******* told you! get in!"
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