Facebook scumbags think Moat is not only a legend but a soldier!

Yeah what a hero. After being released from prison for battering his little girl he had the courage to ambush and gun down someone half the size of him, as well as the mother of his child, before manfully shooting an unsuspecting, unarmed policeman sat in his car. At least the scumbag had the decency to top himself and save the taxpayer some money. The twats hero worshipping Moat should have their balls stappled.
what do you expect from a bunch of untermensch, with all that inbreeding they do, their world revolves around sitting on their arses drinking and waiting for there giros. any excitement in their brain dead life, even from ginger killer is something.


I'm Spartacus and so my wife
R.I.P Raoul Moat! ♥ seems to have been started by a Yank: Raoul Moat! - Home

Yup... comments duly added. Whether they will be published depends on the tosser who created this website....
Or rather, the lack thereof.

How long before ARRSErs Frickerise the Facebook group then?
i spent an hour or so on saturday night crayoning over some posts
its 'popular' because you have to like it to comment on it FFS
skewed data but full of chavvy skank ho's itching for cock who haven't locked their profiles down
dull c***s!
Well according to media reports the PM has contacted Facebook to get these profiles closed down, highly unlikely to happen mind.
I've just left a supportive note.

'Get well soon, Raoul'.
He was wound up by a right little slapper. Probably shot himself due to muscle contraction when tazered too, should have been talked down and faced the music
So he could stay in prison, in relative luxury and hero-worshiped by the rest of the scum, for the next 30 years? At taxpayer's expense?

Fcuk that. My only complaint is that Plod did'nt use the cnut as a Figure 11 instead of wasting time talking to him.
Christ on a bike, people really struggle with the concept of irony. Of course they don't think he's a hero, they're just taking the piss and trying to wind everyone else up. Only problem is that there probably isn't a single genuine Moat admirer, so it's an escalating war of attrition between a bunch of wind-up c**ts.
Faaar more interesting than a pack of tossers on FB doing the by now de riguer w@nkfest over a dead piece of trash, the PM getting all upset and FB refusing to do anything is the arrest of a rather large handful (by now) of people who were actually willing to help him while he was on the run. I hope all charges result in custodial convictions and that ground glass finds its way into their prison food days after they start their sentences....
Does anyone else think that Moat has a passing resemblance to Ernst Röhm (the gay Nazi that Hitler had killed)?
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