Facebook posting -Impeding the course of British Justice?

This is a facebook page created by those who are supporting Paul Gibson, recently arrested for the murder of David Grout (late Royal Corps of Signals).


I quote:

"If you knew paul you will know that he was a good lad, and did not deserve this!. Paul had just recently got his life back on track before this incident happened, our thought go out to you paul keep your chin up mate xxx"

I think this is totally improper and that a court will decide his guilt or innocence of any crime.

What do others feel, (apart that from collectively they have only one thought!)
who ever started the site must be as thick as Shite, as the whole world now knows where he lives and who his friends are, no PERSEC there then
As much as id love to join the group and the spam it to ****, id put myself at risk.
Humm, i know someone who owns some russians maybe ill send them over if there is an address if he gets off.
Jesus begorra, it's like the Kyle show in written form 8O

"Claire Boo Gibson-Yas wudnt be like this if he wasn't a soldier tho ehhh!!"

I've imagined that sentence to the face of one of the fat slags out of Viz....

Northerners. Contradicting Darwin for over 300 years.


tom_dkg said:
Paul had just recently got his life back on track before this incident happened
Translation: He's been a little cunt all his life, and this incident was inevitable.
Can you flag the group, get it taken down?

You could state the group interferes with the judicial process as said.

Also, last thing anyone needs is a group that is an apologist for the kind of scum who (although the judicial process is ongoing) do this sort of thing. No good will come of it.

Unless, of course, it were not flagged up as a means of seeing just who comes out in support of this. Fcuking mongs.

Edit: Just saw the other discussion on this linked to. Can only repeat what was said there about not wading into this as wouldn't want it to affect any chances of a conviction.

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