Facebook ownage once again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RMP_boyio, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Sorry mummy & daddy
    "Raj and Nishi Shukla returned to their gated property in Kingston-upon-Thames after a weekend away to find it all but destroyed.
    Their son Aneesh, 16, a pupil at the £21,000-a-year Westminster School, had secretly advertised his get-together on the social networking site".

    No skiing in Switzerland for young Aneesh this year!
  2. No symphathy its their fault for allowing it and not having control over their sonits nothing at all to do with facebook
  3. when will they ever learn not to advertise their partys on facebook,
  4. looks like the stuff will be slightly more expensive in the corner shop :)
  5. Of course your right :eek:

    AS IF

    The first chance to nick a chip from "Tony's" it was done
    Johny Gurgah's it was done(stupidly :hungry: )
  6. That's genius. I like how you associate their asian family name with running a corner shop. You got any nig-nog jokes too?
  7. Over-sensitive much?
  8. Can we merge this thread with the one about the decline of ARRSE? The guy was clearly poking a bit of fun, not advocating the wholesale destruction of the jews! I bet you don't like ginger jokes either...
  9. .........................Aneesh's father Raj, 57, who owns an IT supply company, and his mother Nishi, returned home on Sunday afternoon......................

    Not quite a corner shop!!!
  10. I don't know, some corner shops can be quite big.

  11. That's right, because you never find IT supply companies on a corner of a street. :roll:
  12. Raj fumed: Our house was worth a million, we go away for the weekend and come back to find it's worth Nish, I've just about had Aneesh.

    I wish to apologise for this pisspoor attempt at humour, o pun my word.
  13. Ah! The Arab Home Stores
  14. Now that's funny!

    Shame some over sensitive people have create a mountain out of a molehill over a small bit of meaningless humour. Thought this place was fairly free of over reactions of that sort.
  15. I refer previous posters to the warnings at the head of the page.

    'Oooo its not quite a corner shop is it'

    I bet your fanny hurts every time a bodyform advert is on the telly.