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Facebook - Mob Wars


Book Reviewer
Started playing a free online Facebook game called Mob Wars. It's a fun way to pass the time, make money, punch people in the face, shoot them, blow them up and own lots of online buildings.

You can also have your very own mob - and mine's got 17 members.

The trouble is, there's bigger mobs out there, and you need numbers to REALLY punch people in the face, and what better and bigger MOB than ARRSE?

Takes a lot less effort than other games we've played :wink:

All you need to do is create the Mob Wars application in your Facebook account (if you've got one) and start building up wedge, guns, vehicles and buildings.

Once you're done, PM me your facebook details and I'll invite you to the ARRSE Mafia!

More instructions to follow if people are interested. :D

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