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Evening all,
General question for the techno types
How would I go about adding a message to a ''wall'' where slanderous and detrimental comments have been made about a member of H.M. Forces?


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Darthspud said:
Do you have to be a 'friend' to view/add message?

Yep. Or a member of the same network but the person also has to have that facility turned on in their settings.


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looney said:
How do i stop my email inbox being filled with
'so and so have sent you a message on your bloody super wall' ?

It's in your privacy settings.

Darth, not much you can do other than contact Facebook or send the offending poster an abusive message.
Not so much slanderous but a bit of revenge was had when a friend of mrs SC_Obvious was found shagging a married bloke. Wife of married bloke was understandably upset and so went to the shaggers facebook page and sent a message to all of her 'friends' so everyone found out about her indescretion. I thought it was quite funny.
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