Facebook idiots

had my input :D see if he replys
Can a Moderator please delete this thread before I lose my mind at seeing yet another FaceAche thread?
Chris makes some sensible points, as well as some silly ones.

But regardless, I don't really see the need to spread his details on ARRSE so the resident nutters can hound him all over the internet just because he holds some conflicting opinions.*

Bit of a nob really, aren't you.

*Although hopefully they'll see in the piffle you've posted where he says he's recently donated £30 to H4H.
ryman2010 said:
had my input :D see if he replys
Great, I'm sure your managed to change his mind and he now sees the benefit of paying more tax during the recovery period of a recession.

BTW, did you draw upon all of your military experience (the 24 hours you spent at the Recruit Selection Centre) to change his mind?


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qwertyuiop1 said:
amazing__lobster said:
Bit of a nob really, aren't you.

Because i did something you may not do?

can you see the irony there
As Cheggars said, how comes that there's only one side of the argument??

Were you posting on it to get a reaction and he shot you down in flames??

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