Facebook - how exposed is it?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by EX_STAB, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. I am regularly being badgered to join facebook as lots of friends use it.
    I've always been fairly cagey about having my details posted all over the internet on a website that from what I understand limits the control I have over my information once someone has declared me to be a "friend".

    What are the practicalities and issues?

    It has occurred to me to register with a silly surname to avoid being picked up by someone just googling....
  2. thats what i do,cos its full of loonies
  3. Or just set your profile to private so only your friends can view it.
  4. Isn't there a danger though that once they add you to their "friends" list that they could link information to you on a public profile?
  5. dont fill any of your information out. You dont have to put stuff in there.
  6. ALWAYS and i mean always check the settings so that only "friends" ie people you approve can view your profile.
    When you are googled only your name and photo can be seen.

    Any friends request has to be approved by you so... whoever links anything to anywhere has been approved by you. Thus, choose your friends wisely.
  7. And your photo only appears real small, incase you're worrying about that.

    FB's fine; you can pick and choose what you reveal. Perhaps just put your first name and subsequent initials.
  8. Tried Facebook once, within a week it was scribbled all over, by loony munters and chavs I'd never heard of.
    You can "delete" your pages but....the damage is done... :eek:
  9. I've had it up for more than a year and have had no problems with it, aside from the irritating ads. Just don't install any apps, don't approve anyone who is not your friend and keep personal information on there to a minimum.
  10. lots of warnings here in Australia about facebook, lots of horror stories too , lots of people being ripped off, ID theft . some people even lost there homes, Returned Servicemens League put out regular warnings about facebook
  11. Step 1: Google the person's name and group. (e.g." John Smith Birmingham Facebook".)
    Step 2 Google any 192 style "search directory" and obtain the full address including post code + telephone number.
    Step 3 Google "about my place" and obtain an aerial photograph of the address + road map of the surrounding area.
    It is scarily easy. Avoid Facebook FFS!

  12. Too true
  13. Why not just skip step 1 for the same effect?
  14. In the light of all posted here, I have just deactivated my facebook membership.

    Scary stuff...
  15. Against my better judgement, I do have a Facebook account, in my real name .... and have even added a couple of applications. But the evidence is that it is NOT a good idea.

    There are numerous warnings in these threads and the links they contain:





    I continue to feel uncomfortable about having my real name on a website. And it seems that the privacy settings aren't bulletproof. It seems to me that, if a friend coments on your photo, the whole album is revealed to all their friends?